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About Onshape 3D CAD

Connect to your Onshape account (free sign-up required) from your Android phone or tablet! More than just a viewer, Onshape for Android allows you to create, modify, share, and comment on 3D mechanical CAD models from anywhere.

Onshape is the modern CAD system that frees engineers to focus on doing their best work.

Onshape unites parametric modeling tools and design data management in a secure cloud workspace that is accessible on any device and never loses data. With no files to lose or corrupt, no license keys to manage, and no installed desktop software, Onshape helps engineering teams get out of the IT business so they can get back in the innovation business.

Eliminate design gridlock. Remove the constant waiting, distractions, and hassles that prevent you from doing your best work.

- Anywhere Access: Access your models from any Android device.
- Secure Cloud Workspace: Everyone has the latest version -- no license keys or service packs.
- Design Data Management: Maintain a single source of truth for your data, without PDM systems or sending around files.
- Controlled Access: Share your CAD data with only those you want to see it. Monitor, change, and revoke permissions at any time.

Since Onshape is updated every few weeks with dozens of new features and user-requested enhancements, keep an eye out for update notifications from the Google Play Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Onshape?

Onshape is a modern CAD system that allows engineers to create, modify, share, and comment on 3D mechanical CAD models from anywhere.

How can I access Onshape on my Android device?

You can access Onshape on your Android device by connecting to your Onshape account through the Onshape app, which is available for free on the Google Play Store.

What are the benefits of using Onshape?

Onshape provides anywhere access to your CAD models, a secure cloud workspace, design data management without the need for PDM systems, and controlled access to share your CAD data with specific individuals.

Does Onshape require installation of desktop software?

No, Onshape does not require any installed desktop software. It is accessed through a secure cloud workspace.

How often is Onshape updated?

Onshape is updated every few weeks with new features and enhancements based on user requests. You will receive update notifications from the Google Play Store.
Best app
sunil parmar
Best for Android users
Mohmadakram Metar
vimal anand
for what it is, this app was much more impressive than I expected. better than Tinkercad, anyway
Best cad
Great app!!!
Joe Maletta