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About FrameDesign

This Finite Element Method (FEM) app is especially useful for civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects and students who wish to design 2D hyperstatic frames using Finite Elements Analysis (FEA).

You can input and edit geometry, forces, supports, loadcases etc. The calculation results are performed instantly.

Main features include:
✓ F, T and q (rectangular and triangular) loads
✓ Fixed and hinge connections at beam ends
✓ Fixed, hinge, roller and spring supports in any direction
✓ Imposed deflections
✓ Add or edit materials
✓ Add or edit sections
✓ Load cases and load combinations, including safety factors
✓ Moment, Shear, Stress, Deflection, Reaction forces and Unity checks

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There is a web version of FrameDesign as well! Visit

great super pro!
Guido Turco
As a tebnician i am sure the app can benfite me.
Marson Abiuda
This is good app. Works better. At first I thought it was drawing only bending moment diagram but when I checked the Results option I realized that this was set to moment digram by default. You can draw shea...
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