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About Buildertrend

Better begins with Buildertrend’s powerful, cloud-based construction management software that can be accessed from anywhere using your Android device. The Buildertrend App makes it easy for construction professionals like you to take charge and effectively manage your projects with reduced delays, real-time communication and increased customer satisfaction. Most importantly, the Buildertrend App gives your project managers and field crew the mobile tools they need to work efficiently.
Buildertrend’s construction management software has helped nearly one million users find a better way to build with features like:

Construction Management Tools:
• Built-In Client Relationship Management
• Selections Management
• Jobs Schedule
• To-Do’s and Daily Logs
• Unlimited Document and Photo Storage
• Photo and PDF Annotation
• Electronic Signatures
• Unlimited Customer and Subcontractor Access
• Time Clock – allow clocking in and out from the field
• Geofencing – ensure workers clock in from the job site
• Requests for Information Management
• Warranty Requests

Financial Management Tools:
• Bids
• Estimates
• Bills and Purchase Orders
• Purchase Order Payments
• Change Order Management
• Budget Management
• Customer Invoicing
• Online Payment Processing
• Accounting Integration
• Financial Reporting

What matters most:
• Manage your projects from anywhere with Buildertrend App
• We have the best-of-the-best customer support

Want to see how it works? Schedule a demo at
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Buildertrend?

Buildertrend is a powerful, cloud-based construction management software that allows construction professionals to effectively manage their projects with reduced delays and increased customer satisfaction.

What features does Buildertrend's construction management software have?

Some of the features of Buildertrend's construction management software include built-in client relationship management, selections management, jobs schedule, to-do's and daily logs, unlimited document and photo storage, electronic signatures, and more.

Does Buildertrend offer financial management tools?

Yes, Buildertrend offers financial management tools such as bids, estimates, bills and purchase orders, change order management, budget management, customer invoicing, and more.

How can I access Buildertrend's software?

You can access Buildertrend's software from anywhere using your Android device. They also have a mobile app that provides project managers and field crew with the necessary tools to work efficiently.

Does Buildertrend provide customer support?

Yes, Buildertrend prides itself on providing the best-of-the-best customer support.

How can I schedule a demo of Buildertrend's software?

You can schedule a demo at

Can users leave ratings and reviews for the Buildertrend App?

Yes, users can leave ratings and reviews for the Buildertrend App.
Great app! Very detailed!!
Justin Stasny
Easy to use
Tim Seaholme
Love love love Buildertrend it is a platform that i run my whole business on!
Sinan Musich
Builder Yrend has become the core structure of our business as we grow with some maintaining of the catalog it makes getting formal proposals that are not only detailed but ability to package items that give...
Dave Hackney
Great app! Has changed how I do business in the best way.
Dana Hopkinson
Very easy to use
Carl Napier