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About ONSITE 2.0

Onsite System is a fully comprehensive and digitized system ( mobile and web) for managing issues, scheduling RFIs, monitoring progress and generating professional reports.
Using handheld devices, Onsite offers a powerful way of communication from Client to Site Managers to Sub Contractors, while delivering a high quality and efficient inspection.
Personalized Workflows and Hierarchy levels are set for accessing/signing-offs issues to make sure that everyone is in the loop.
The Mobile app allows site engineers to complete a walkthrough in minutes while pin-pointing the issues on their exact location on the plan which includes :
• Capture issues Offline or Online
• Predefined Closeout process
• Visual Plotting
• Color Coding for Status
• Customized Icons
• Simple RFIs with Personalized Checklists
• Equipment Maintenance
• Barcode locators

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