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About Mystic Vale


Take on the role of a druid clan and use your blessings to heal the Valley of Life. This task doesn’t come easy though, it requires courage and caution as it can be easy to overwhelm the land if you’re careless or wield too much power.

Based on the Origins award-winning board game from AEG, get ready for an all-new deck-building experience in Mystic Vale. With the innovate Card Crafting System, you can keep improving and building your cards to create a diverse and effective deck.

Free Expansion with the base game:
The first expansion, Vale of Magic comes completely free with the base game of Mystic Vale on mobile.

Play local games with friends and family.

Innovative Card Crafting System:
Create your own powerful cards and uncover amazing combos!

Beautiful artwork and graphics:
Discover a stunning world filled with fantastical creatures.

Deep gaming experience:
Make tactical choices and spend your resources wisely.

Tremendous replay value:
Explore thousands of possible card combinations, with more added via expansions!

Are you ready for a new deck-building adventure?

Languages supported:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Mystic Vale?

Mystic Vale is a deck-building game where players take on the role of a druid clan to heal the Valley of Life.

How can I improve my cards in Mystic Vale?

In Mystic Vale, you can improve and build your cards using the innovative Card Crafting System.

Is there an expansion included with the base game?

Yes, the first expansion called Vale of Magic is completely free with the base game on mobile.

Can I play with friends and family in Mystic Vale?

Yes, Mystic Vale supports pass-and-play, allowing you to play local games with friends and family.

What makes Mystic Vale visually appealing?

Mystic Vale features beautiful artwork and graphics, creating a stunning world filled with fantastical creatures.

Is there strategic depth in Mystic Vale?

Yes, Mystic Vale offers a deep gaming experience where you need to make tactical choices and wisely spend your resources.

Does Mystic Vale have high replay value?

Definitely! Mystic Vale offers thousands of possible card combinations to explore, with more being added via expansions.

In what language is Mystic Vale available?

Mystic Vale is available in English.
I downloaded the digital version after playing the physical boardgame with my boyfriend (his mind works like a computer) and discovered I would not learn during playthrough with him. He encouraged me to down...
Whitney Bell
Few minor control bugs. Love the game.
Jighm Brown
I bought the Steam version and loved it so much that I had to get it on mobile too. A relaxing and challenging deck building game with beautifully crafted cards and mellow background music. Hats off to the d...
Diane H
I love this game, and the expansions are also worth it.
Graham Morgan
Great production. Reccomend.
Patrick Dignam
Beautiful art. Colorful animated cards bring it to life. Pleasant music. Buy this, but play on a tablet.
Glenn Kohler