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About Antihero

Become a feared and revered master thief in Antihero, a fast-paced digital board game. Use stealth, cunning, and the occasional assassination to build the most powerful thieves’ guild in this gas-lit Victorian underworld.

ONE GOAL. MANY FOES. Play through the story-driven campaign, skirmish against the AI, and jump online in casual and ranked PvP multiplayer.

CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS. Invite friends to play asynchronously or increase the pressure in a Live Match. Set up custom “House Rules” and tailor the game to your tastes!

TAKE OVER THE CITY. PROTECT WHAT’S YOURS. Infiltrate businesses, sneak into estates, set traps, and steal everything. The city’s riches are yours – if your opponent doesn’t take them first.

SNEAKERY, STABBERY & SKULLDUGGERY! Upgrade your guild, recruit street urchins, hire thugs, start a gang… and bribe, blackmail and assassinate the opposition. There are many paths to the top.

MANAGE A HEALTHY ECONOMY. Spend your ill-gotten riches to hire new recruits, upgrade your thieving skills, and acquire deadly weapons. Gold is a thief’s best friend!

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Become a feared and revered master thief in Antihero, a fast-paced digital...

Look and feel of the game is right on the mark! I prefer solo play which seems to be underated 3 skill levles big campaing individual maps unlockable skins Dev seems to have given a free IAP in the "dueling ...
James Ford
Absolutely the best phone game I've ever played
Colten Passey
this game is drippin, worth the 💰 4 sure.
marx1st guerilla
One of my absolute favorites. This game easily rates with my top games ever. I love the art, gameplay, and experience. I only wish there were more campaign missions to play. I would absolutely pay for an exp...
Chris Webster
Stephanie Harkins
Cut throat fun.
David McHugh