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About Neosensory

Get connected. Pair your Buzz wearable wristband and get access to additional features:
-New: Tinnitus Relief - reduce the symptoms of tinnitus with our breakthrough bimodal technology that pairs vibrational feedback with auditory stimulation.
-New: Tinnitus Program - track your symptoms and receive tailored, science-backed advice to mitigate the ringing in your ears
-Vibrating alarm clock – wake up to a strong, silent alarm on your wrist. Choose your wake up pattern.
-Buzz modes that adjust to your surroundings including Everyday Mode, Music Mode, and Sleeping Mode.
-Adjustable vibration level and frequency range tools.
-Training games to help you learn.
Buzz does not require the use of the Neosensory app. But, the app gives you access to more features.

More about Neosensory Buzz:
Buzz is a wearable wristband that captures sound and translates it into vibrational patterns felt on your wrist. This is the foundation of our breakthrough Tinnitus Program, based on new medical research on bimodal stimulation. Buzz can also help anyone interested in sound perception, including people with hearing loss and people who are deaf: be aware of sounds such as doorbells, people talking, dogs barking, babies crying, phone notifications, alarms, even music and hundreds of others with Neosensory Buzz.

Learn more and order your Buzz at

This will become huge! Mark my words
Edwin Ungerer
Buzz is awesome!
Eric Dalfrey