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About Idle Rush

Eliminate death commander called 'Born terror' and monsters.
Save the illusionary world 'Mirage' from the dark!

[Game features]
1. Auto play mode!
- Easy and comfortable to play.
- It can be in progressed in offline mode.

2. Rebirth to be stronger!
- Stars' growth system through rebirth.
- Grow your stars to challenge maximum stage.

3. Use strategy to eliminate monsters!
- Individual own skills of various Stars.
- Win the combat with properties system.

4. Various contents!
- Diverse contents like raid, tower of fairy and even road of hero.
- You can obtain stars, gold, material for evolution.
- Rich benefits like various events, rewards for attendance, etc.

5. Make your own powerful deck!
- You can earn over the 60 different species of stars.
- Reinforce stars with evolution and upgrading.
- You can make up to 3 decks.
- Collect over the 160 different species of equipments.

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