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About Note-ify: Note Taking, Task Manager, To-Do List

Are you looking for a great note taking, task manager, planner, organizer and to-do lists app? You’ve come to the right place because we’ve got all of this and more. Whether you’re looking to create notes with rich text, images, videos, voice notes, attachments, templates, reminders, manage tasks or just a quick to-do list, we’ve got you covered. You’ll get all of these features and a ton more for free. Note-ify packs a punch with a host of premium features that many other apps would charge for.

What can you do with Note-ify? Well, these things, to name just a few.

1. Take great notes
2. Organize with folders, favorites, search and versions
3. Manage your tasks
4. Back up your documents
5. Dictate with speech-to-text
6. Customize your theme and colors
7. Strike, edit and delete items in quick to-do lists
8. Email your notes
9. Build with templates
10. Take photos of handwritten notes and insert the text into your note
11. Create video notes by pasting a YouTube URL
12. Handwriting and drawing with a variety of tools like sticky notes, lines and images
13. Organize
14. Plan

Discover a beautiful feature rich app that not only looks stunning but will keep all of your important notes and documents organized. Use folders, favorites, search, task management and version history to keep track of what matters to you and never lose important information. Need some inspiration? Start with one of our pre-built templates to kick off your note taking. We’ve even built a liking and commenting system so you can see which templates people love.

Forget having a separate app for making lists. Note-ify quick to-do lists are perfectly integrated into the app so they can be searched and organized into your folders and favorites just like all of your other notes.

Do you like the idea of mixing handwritten notes with digital notes? No problem. We provide handwriting and drawing with a bunch of tools like pens, brushes, colors, lines, sticky note and more. You can even insert an image and draw or write over it. We can search images for text and insert the text right into your note making the text fully searchable.

We have a variety of stunning themes:

1. Classic
2. Dark
3. Fall
4. Storm
5. Metallic
6. Beach
7. Unicorn
8. Forest

Our dark theme is easy on the eye and easy on your battery. Heading to the beach? Switch to the beach theme. You can select from a variety of accent colors to customize the look of your app even further or create different color folders. Make Note-ify yours.

There are loads of ways to share your notes. Email notes with the click of a button, export to PDF, backup to Google Drive or share through other apps.

Ways to use Note-ify:

1. Note taking
2. Quick to-do lists
3. Reminders
4. Voice notes
5. Attachments
6. Templates
7. Speech-to-text
8. Videos
9. Favorites
10. Handwriting, drawing and sticky notes
11. Search images for text
12. Email
13. Backups
14. Share
15. Task manager
16. Organizer
17. Planner

Get the most out of Note-ify:

Powered by Firebase and the Google Cloud Platform. Create, edit and share notes across any of your Android devices. No connection? No problem. Your data will be synced to the cloud and across your devices when a connection is established. Add an extra layer of security with fingerprint/pass code authentication.

You never know what sparks a great idea. Get inspired, save your ideas, organize them and share with others – all from your phone!

Start creating, managing and sharing your notes, to-do lists and tasks. Download and install Note-ify today and experience the next generation note taking, task manager, to-do lists, planner and organizer app.

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Great on so many levels. Pretty much complete notes feature set inc' markdown, great organising options with tags, embed websites & youtube videos, very nice ui with dark theme. Thank you for adding the sugg...
Kam M
Great concept to make it different than other note taking apps. User interface is gorgeous. Pro version price is totally fine for features this app is providing in this price tag. Good job developers. I real...
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This is a really great note app. It's got every feature you need and more. The interface is beautiful. Keep it up developers!
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Not at all
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