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About Dungeon Tales: RPG Card Game & Roguelike Battles

Dungeon Tales is a turn-based roguelike RPG strategy card game.

Dungeon crawl, fight against epic monsters and collect cards and relics! Collect cards, discover new strategy and build powerful decks as you progress through the adventure. 🎮

Choose your path from procedurally generated dungeons and decide the best route to victory!⭐️ This roguelike game takes you through unique and ever-changing adventures, where no game is ever the same twice,

Collect items, visit shops to discover new arsenal, find treasures, encounter curious events and choose how to react. ✨

Card game meets roguelike RPG as you master your deck building with unique strategy and powerful combos.⚡️ Card battle against your foes with a unique turn-based duel system, facing against more fearsome monsters as you progress.

Battle epic enemies and dive into the unknown in Dungeon Tales!

Dungeon Tales Features:

✔️Deck building adventure card game with a fusion of roguelike RPG elements
✔️Turn-based card game system that you’ve never seen before
✔️Discover card combinations with powerful synergies.
✔️Epic boss battles which award usage of adaptive strategy
✔️Discover 130+ cards for deck building

✔️Roguelike procedural map system
✔️Dungeon crawl with unknown threats and foes
✔️Shops, campfires, and deadly traps
✔️Collect powerful relics

✔️Explore unique events to spice up the adventure
✔️2 classes with different strategy
✔️Collect 70+ relics
✔️Slay 50+ monsters, 9 powerful monsters and 10 epic bosses
✔️Turn-based RPG with countless combinations

Collect cards, find relics, duel against epic monsters and explore one-of-a-kind dungeons in Dungeon Tales – download now!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Dungeon Tales?

Dungeon Tales is a turn-based roguelike RPG strategy card game.

What is the gameplay of Dungeon Tales like?

The gameplay involves dungeon crawling, fighting epic monsters, collecting cards and relics, and building powerful decks. It is a fusion of a card game and a roguelike RPG.

How does the card game aspect work in Dungeon Tales?

In Dungeon Tales, you collect cards and use them to battle against your foes. Each card has unique abilities and you can build powerful combinations and strategies with your deck.

What is the roguelike element in Dungeon Tales?

Dungeon Tales features a roguelike dungeon crawler experience. The dungeons are procedurally generated, meaning that each playthrough offers a unique adventure. There are unknown threats, deadly traps, and encounters with curious events.

How many cards and relics are there in Dungeon Tales?

There are over 130 cards that you can collect for deck building. Additionally, there are 70+ relics that you can find and utilize in your gameplay.

What classes are available in Dungeon Tales?

Dungeon Tales offers 2 classes with different strategies. You can choose the class that suits your playstyle and explore the adventure accordingly.

How many monsters and bosses are there in the game?

Dungeon Tales features a variety of monsters, including 50+ regular monsters, 9 powerful monsters, and 10 epic bosses. You will face challenging battles as you progress in the game.

Is Dungeon Tales a turn-based RPG?

Yes, Dungeon Tales is a turn-based RPG where you make strategic decisions and engage in battles using cards and different abilities. Countless combinations are possible in the gameplay.

Can I download Dungeon Tales?

Yes, Dungeon Tales is available for download.
Slay the spire genre, but has enough design changes that it's sort of unique. It's pretty fun. If you lose too much, try to play differently. You have a lot of control over the course of a run. Sometimes mon...
Henri Fel
Exactly like slay the spire
Ethan Sieh
Great game just need more updates
Dino Krecinic
It's very fun but I wish their was more stuff added like a shop keeper battle and more fun characters and longer maps
Dragonborn Johnson
Great game, doesn't require internet, keeps you entertained and eventually let's you change play styles.
Soren Devereux
I love this game so much fun
Mr. Satan