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About Kids Supermarket: Shopping mania

Kids supermarket opens new departments and has a lot of new sales! We will play funny minigames and learn the professions which you could find at the supermarket. Shopping mania is in its full swing! Exciting educational kids games will surprise family with its variety and will make boys and girls happy.

Shopping could be interesting, useful and educational. Visiting new kids supermarket, your child will unobtrusively learn useful skills, which are useful in real life. And adults have the opportunity to spend time with kids and help them with advices and orders. Our shop has opened new departments, where you can weigh products on weighing scales, cut sausages and cheese, pack fruits and vegetables in packets. First of all we need to learn products from the list and play exciting search objects. It is not that easy as it may seem to search objects on shelves and put them to the trolley, especially when a small brother mischief does shopping with you. But it will not prevent Hippo from buying things and at the end of shopping we will get a secret gift! And, of course, at the end of shopping, a polite cashier will be waiting for you, he will teach everybody to count money and pay with a credit card. Our cashier will not only teach to count, but also he will pack fruits, vegetables and other products into brand packets and inform you about sales, prepared for buyers of Kids Supermarket. Shopping mania is waiting for our beloved Hippo and you, of course!

Try our new game from the series of educational kids games! Our supermarket is created to make happy, teach and educate toddlers. Educational games will bring a lot of use and bright emotions for you and your kid. Stay tuned and stay with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Kids Supermarket: Shopping mania?

Kids Supermarket: Shopping mania is a game where children can play funny mini-games and learn about different professions that can be found in a supermarket.

What skills can children learn from visiting the kids supermarket?

By visiting the kids supermarket, children can learn useful skills that are applicable in real life, such as weighing products, cutting sausages and cheese, and packing fruits and vegetables into packets.

What activities can children do in the kids supermarket game?

Children can play exciting search objects games, where they have to find items on the shelves and put them into their trolley. They can also interact with a small brother character while doing their shopping.

Is there a reward for completing the shopping in the game?

Yes, at the end of the shopping, players will receive a secret gift as a reward for completing their shopping.

What will the cashier in the game teach children?

The cashier in the game will teach children how to count money and pay with a credit card. They will also help with packing fruits, vegetables, and other products into branded packets.

What is the purpose of the educational kids games in the supermarket?

The purpose of the educational kids games in the supermarket is to make learning fun, teach useful skills, and provide bright emotions for both children and parents.

Are there other educational kids games in the series?

Yes, there are other educational kids games in the series. Players are encouraged to stay tuned and stay with the game for more educational fun.
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