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About City car racing

Funny racing game with Hippo.

Hippo sat in her fast car and started her adventure. Steer around obstacles that will meet on your way, car traffic, logs scattered along the road, the puddles and other obstacles. On her way Hippo rides not alone, but with other cars, she needs to go around or overtake them. Help Hippo move safely while driving in the car, overcome car traffic and try not get into an accident.

To control the car use the gyroscope.
To turn right, tilt the device to the right side.
To turn left, tilt the device to the left side.
To speed up, you need to press the pedal ""Speed ​​Up"".
To slow down, press ""Speed ​​Down"".

- Funny Hippo heroes and her friends
- Ideal for boys and girls
- Family racing game
- Development of fine motor skills of hands, attention and diligence
- Road traffic with funny animals
- Various cars
- Colorful pictures

Enjoy a new family game for boys and for girls "Hippo. Car racing".

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is City Car Racing?

City Car Racing is a funny racing game featuring Hippo as the main character.

How does Hippo control the car?

Hippo controls the car by using the gyroscope. Tilt the device to the right or left to turn and press the "Speed Up" or "Speed Down" pedals to adjust the speed.

What obstacles will Hippo encounter during the game?

Hippo will encounter obstacles such as car traffic, logs scattered along the road, puddles, and other obstacles.

Can Hippo race alone?

No, Hippo races with other cars. She needs to go around or overtake them to continue her adventure.

Who is the game suitable for?

The game is ideal for both boys and girls, making it a great family racing game.

What skills does the game help develop?

The game helps develop fine motor skills of hands, attention, and diligence.

What can players expect to see during the game?

Players can expect to see road traffic with funny animals, various cars, and colorful pictures.

What is the name of the game?

The game is called "Hippo. Car racing".
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