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About Games about knights for kids

Boys and girls like fairy tales about knights, where brave soldiers have battles for the heart of a beautiful lady, and boys protect their castle with swords and spears. Fairy tale dragons make raids on villages and brave knights protect peaceful citizens. Our kids game gives the possibility to visit fairy tale world, take part in an exciting adventure, play an interesting game with friends and make a real knights tournament.

Our game is for kids and we need to find some objects for future warriors that look like weapon and armor. Choose correct objects and go further. Firstly, choose a beautiful dress and accessorizes for girls to make them real princesses. Then choose armor and weapon for boys to make them real knights. When all the preparations are done, we will invite all kids to take part in an exciting adventure made by Hippo. But this is not the end of our preparation for the holiday. Every real castle has its own flag with emblem. Draw the flag and coloring it. Only then we are ready for the knights tournament.

Exciting knights tournament for brave boys is waiting for us. Spear in hand, horse underneath, we will overcome obstacles, fight with enemies and get to finish first. Parents like our game and take part too. Brave daddy with a sword in hands will have battles and fights with fruits, and grandpa will take on the dragon outfit. To invite somebody and win the battle with a dragon, you need to make a catapult from the swing and shoot shells.

Everybody will have fun, adults and kids. At the end of this exciting medieval adventure, Hippo and her family will make the party dedicated to the victory of our brave warriors. Help to feed everybody with cakes and give different drinks.

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