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About One in a Trillion - Tapper/clicker & collect game

Start your adventure to beat the odds and find the rarest eggs in the world!

One in a Trillion is a relaxing clicker game where you are challenged with finding all of our ultra-rare eggs. From eggs that only appear once every 250 taps to the insane golden egg that has a one in a trillion chance of appearing!

It’s not just a case of tapping away and hoping for the best – some eggs momentarily appear on the screen and you must quickly click on them before they’re gone again.

Every tap comes with a one in a thousand chance of starting an egg hunt. You have ten seconds to quickly hunt down the egg’s location on the screen! These eggs are often found in a dirty condition and require cleaning before you can see how rare it is, but they come with the added bonus of having a rarity rating – providing you with more chances of having a super rare egg.

You may not always find a cute egg but no tap is without it’s reward, you’ll continuously be earning money which you can spend in the shop to speed up egg cleaning or increase it’s chance of being rare.

You can also raise funds by selling eggs that you’ve already found. Work your way towards increasing your money and being able to buy the possibility of even rarer eggs.

Once an egg is clean, watch it’s slow reveal and wait in anticipation to see just how rare your egg is!

One in a Trillion is an idle tapper game that will keep you busy for many hours.

Game overview:
- Over 100 types of ultra rare cute eggs to find, from 1/250 chance to 1/trillion chance
- Simple tap/click and find game mechanics
- Buy and sell features to help you find rarer eggs
- Fun egg reveal to see how rare your latest egg is
- Relaxing gradient background changes as you tap
- Learn what large odds like 1 in a million really means

Just how hard is it to find the rarest egg in the world?

Well here’s some odds:
Born on a leap day - 1 in 1,461
Finding a 4 leaf clover - 1 in 10,000
Hit by lightning - 1 in 700,000
Being in a plane crash - 1 in 61,000,000
FINDING THE GOLDEN EGG - 1 in 1,000,000,000,000

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to hunt those eggies.

Top app! Love the graphics and game play ✌ 🙏
00Mucked07 AceAce
Eggtraordinary fun & very addictive. Got most of my family hooked on it. The race is on to be the first to get all the eggs 🍳🐣🥚.
paul carruthers
2 days in and completely addicted ! Loving the 2 way street on information via the social media. Collect them all from the safety of your own home !
Anita Brigden