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About Going Merry scholarships for college

Going Merry’s new, free scholarships app helps students find and apply for scholarships, to pay for college.

Enjoy personalized scholarship matching, auto-filled applications, and NO REDIRECTS. It’s the perfect mobile companion to the scholarship website already trusted by 300,000 students. We have scholarships for high school students (of all grade levels), college undergraduate students, and graduate students.

What makes Going Merry different?

1. Better scholarship search & filters
Personalized scholarship matching: You fill out a brief profile, and then we match you to scholarships you’re eligible for. That means less browsing and sifting through scholarships that aren’t applicable to you.
Favorite or ignore: You can favorite scholarships to create a shortlist of scholarships and their deadlines. Or you can hit “ignore” to a matched scholarship to never see it again.
Time estimates: Based on the number of questions and essay prompts, we’ve created an application completion time estimate for you. Can filter or sort based on this.

2. Easy scholarship applications, without the redirects
No redirects! - You can apply to 100% of the listed scholarships, right from the Going Merry website or app.
Auto-filled applications: We pre-fill application with the information you’ve already given us.
Bundled applications: We’ve combined scholarships with similar essay prompts, so with one submission, you can apply to multiple scholarships simultaneously.
Save documents: Save transcripts, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and essays, so you can easily re-use them across applications.
Multi-platform: Prefer to search on mobile, but do the applications on a computer? No worries - Our Going Merry desktop platform has got you covered, no matter your preferred device.

3. Clear application tracking
Applications in process: See your favorited and draft applications in one place. We’ll even send you email reminders a few days before scholarship deadlines.
Submitted application status: Check your dashboard for the status of any submitted applications.

4. Data protection
The only time your private information is shared with third parties is when you submit a scholarship application. We then forward your application (with your details) to the scholarship provider. We are committed to NEVER sharing your information otherwise.

Why scholarships?
Winning scholarship award money can help you fill gaps left by financial aid, reduce your student loan debt, and make college or grad school more affordable.

But don’t take our word for it.
Students from 1 in 4 high schools in America already use Going Merry to help them win scholarship award money. Join them today!

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Great way to narrow down scholarships
spinelli m
Love this it helped so much
Jessi Watson
Free scholarship money!! I know that sounds greedy, but as a child with no sustsinable income and not living with my family, this app is so helful!
Andrew Shaw