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About My Vault - Offline locker Store password and files

My Vault app lets you store your passwords with all data inside the app. You can store multiple usernames and passwords or any sensitive data you want to keep as safe. You can also attach sensitive files as an attachment inside the app. By Default, My Vault app encrypts all the data using the AES-256 encryption algorithm.

My Vault is offline password manager and offline digital locker. My Vault does not send any user data to any of the servers as we don't have any servers to store your data. All the data is stored only on your own device storage which is in an encrypted format and can be seen using your own password. Thus by offering maximum security.

★Supports fingerprint authentication and login to app
» It can be enabled by navigating to app settings and switch on the fingerprint authentication.

★Create and manage notes. Note Manager.
» Create useful notes
» Add, update and manage notes or secrets.

★Free app features.

» Store multiple usernames and passwords. One can also save optional notes.


» Add username password or any useful data
» Copy password to clip board


» Generate random password easily
» Choose Alphabets, Numerical, Special characters or combination to generate password
» Generate password of any length. We recommend minimum of 6 character with Alphanumeric and special characters included.


» Attach any file of size up to 15 MB Max.
» Rename file
» View and delete a file inside the app.


» Import Documents from JSON file
» Import Documents from CSV file
» Export documents as JSON file
» Export documents as CSV file
» Export or "DOC share" option to share with any other app as Plain Text format. You can easily share your stored password with your buddies.
» Share file store to other Apps.


» Sorting of  documents  list inside App
» Alphabetically 
» Date modified
» File Type
» Search string in the list. This will give you a particular document based on the search string.


One can create a backup of my vault app data and restore it after.
» Create a backup with password
» Share backup file to any app
» Import backup (Requires to enter password)
» Delete backup files.


» Session Timeout with automatic logout after 5 Minutes. Data is encrypted every time at logout and decrypted at login providing maximum security. Set session time out as per your convenience.

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very well though of options on here love simple finger print open and having it as a vault for files and password makes it on the top of apps of it kind no problems and small permission perfect
Josh O'Niell
Very nice
Ayomide Taofeeq
My vault it's really wonderful app and great work by developer I like it keep it up
Krithvik kumar
Best app to keep files safely and secure using My Vault Digital Locker. Thanks For Suggesting Awesome application to me.
Ikonic Space
Amazing app easy to use my vault digital locker store loved it
Angel deekshitha
tata gulo