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About Attune Mint Habit Tracker

* Check off habits to earn Coins
* Keep track of your progress with your Coin stash
* Spend Coins on items in your Amazon Wishlist once you've saved up

Develop life-enriching habits, improve your wellness, and treat yourself with the assurance that you've earned it! Attune Mint is:

1) A motivation tool to keep track of how much and how often you reward yourself for your progress.

a. Set a rewards budget: this is the amount that you'd like to spend on rewarding yourself for a perfect week of progress.

b. Motivate yourself week to week by collecting Coins and saving up for real rewards!

c. When you've saved up enough, let Attune Mint know by spending your Coins. The app will then guide you to your chosen product's purchase page on Amazon. Your stash of Coins will reflect your purchase.

2) A habit and goal tracker, so you can always be mindful of your personal progress.

a. Define your own version of success by creating a list of daily goals and habits.

3) Your guide through 5 daily wellness exercises proven to enhance your well-being.

a. Write out your long term goals once a day to keep them at the forefront of your mind.

b. Gratitude journal: this simple daily practice has been shown in countless scientific studies to improve both mental and physical health, promoting better sleep, better relationships, and more positive emotions. It was even associated with increased career success.

c. Visualization techniques will attune your mind to the positive possibilities that surround you, encourage self-forgiveness, and help you to re-imagine and re-invent yourself as the type of person who can and does reach your personal goals.

d. Affirmations: step into the role of the confident, put-together, healthy version of yourself and begin to understand your real self in new ways.

e. Meditation: the benefits of meditation, which have substantial backing in the scientific literature, include stress-reduction, decreases in depression and anxiety, memory and focus improvements, and pain reduction effects so powerful that the practice is associated with reduced opioid usage in chronic pain patients.

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This app has finally helped me break my smoking habit. Logging in and seeing my progress helped me 200.0%
Ricardo Hall
I have using this app for over a year and I have loss and gained just what I wanted. If you can't afford a personal trainer this app can help you get where you need to be.
Milton Phillips
Now I have anxiety and I’m 11 years old I have struggled but I have tried many mindfulness/motivational apps and this is my all-time favourite it’s perfect!!!!!! I really recommend!!!
Rick Young
This is the app I was looking for! Great to hold one accountable. Highly recommended!! Great features!! Love it!! It has the potential to change the destiny of someone's life!!
Edgar Turner
I definitely recommend this app to someone looking to start tracking good habits. It's an awesome way to keep you on track!
Sam Allen
I've used a few other apps to track the progress of meeting my day-to-day life goals and this one is the only one I've liked enough to use consistently. I get coins for each progress.
Lester Hernandez