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About Electromaps

Electromaps makes electric car driving easy. Find charging stations, recharge all over Europe and pay for everything either automatically via ISO 15118 (direct communication with your electric car), via RFID, directly from your smartphone or by credit card. The billing depends on the capabilities of the charging station.

Electromaps stands for easy worldwide charging across all national borders.
You choose where you want to charge your EV and we care about the rest.

FIND: Discover all EV charge stations close to you, where and when you need it.

FILTER: Find the specific plug you need for your EV, charge stations with real time information, charging speeds,… The red spot means some filters are active.

PROFILE: Fill your billing data, choose your payment option, manage your wallet… you will find everything in your user profile.

ACTIVATE: Activate free or payment required charging stations. Remember to fill your billing data to avoid charge errors.

MY CHARGES: Have access to all your active charges, the past ones and all your historical information.

CHECK-IN: Check your charge to show that you are actually using the charge station or comment the problems of the charge station you are facing. All the EV community will benefit.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Electromaps?

Electromaps is a service that makes electric car driving easy by providing information about charging stations, allowing users to recharge their vehicles across Europe, and offering various payment options.

How can I find charging stations using Electromaps?

You can use Electromaps to discover all electric vehicle charging stations close to your location, based on where and when you need them.

Can I filter the charging stations based on specific requirements?

Yes, you can filter the charging stations based on factors such as the type of plug needed for your electric vehicle, real-time information about the stations, and charging speeds.

What can I do in my user profile on Electromaps?

In your user profile, you can fill in your billing data, choose your preferred payment option, and manage your wallet for charging station payments.

How do I activate a charging station on Electromaps?

You can activate both free and payment required charging stations on Electromaps. However, it is important to fill in your billing data to avoid any charge errors.

Can I access information about my charging history on Electromaps?

Yes, Electromaps provides access to all your active charges, past charging sessions, and other historical information related to your electric vehicle charging.

What is the purpose of the Check-In feature on Electromaps?

The Check-In feature allows you to confirm that you are actually using a specific charging station or share any issues or problems you might be facing with that station. This benefits the entire electric vehicle community.
Imprescindible para propietarios de VE
Manuel Cortes
I found they have strategically located recharge stations within a 200 mile range no low charge worry .
Robert Brannon
Best EV charger location app yet
Rodrigo Valle Teixeira
Works great!!! A must-have with a BEV!
Jonathan F.
ok but the online info would be great
Pedro Lopes