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About Drivvo – Car management, Fuel log, Find Cheap Gas

We help you control FUEL, refuelling, MAINTENANCE and expenses (registration, fines and financing) and revenues. Drivvo is a finance manager for your CAR, MOTORCYCLE, BUS or TRUCK, for personal use or for professional drivers (Taxi, Uber, Cabify, 99, motorcycle couriers and truck drivers).

Managing MULTIPLE VEHICLES and getting the gas consumption calculation just got a lot easier; get fuel efficiency reports sorted by fuel and gas stations, showing which one is best for your car.

You can also restore data from other apps.
(Fuelio, aCar, Carango, Fuel Log, My Cars, Car Expenses, Fuel Manager)

Find out how much you spend on gasoline or ethanol, registration, fines and save much more. By registering refuelling, expenses and services with this app for your car, you will have access to its monthly costs, average consumption, cost per km, average km/liter, oil change and even instalments of its financing.

With Drivvo, you will have a CAR APP at hand, helping with fuel calculation and management of preventive maintenance, therefore saving money. No more forgetting a maintenance, fine, taxes or financing instalments; leave aside the monthly expenses spreadsheet.


Keep track of refuelling is the most important part in the financial control of your car. It is possible to obtain information on gasoline consumption, an important data to calculate the monthly expense of your vehicle, presenting through reports and graphs the information as average km/liter, costs per kilometer traveled, kilometers traveled, as well as fuel calculation, whether gasoline, ethanol or CNG, by gas station.

To make life easier for drivers who uses their vehicle as a working tool (Taxi, Uber, Cabify, motorcycle courier, truck driver, etc), DRIVVO also allows the recording of revenues. Designed for those who use the vehicle professionally and need to know, in real time, the expenses and revenues related to the vehicle.

With this app, drivers will have not only personal but also professional financial control. You will have a financial control of your business travel receivables, so that you can claim them back.

Drivvo allows the driver to have complete control over their expenses. Being possible to register taxes, financing, insurance, fines, tolls, among other expenses.

The driver can input and view expenses and services performed, like oil change, brake check, tire rotation, filters, tune up, etc. This is a very useful tool to understand all the maintenance performed on the vehicle.

Drivvo APP FOR CARS also assists in managing vehicle reminders for regular services and expenses such as financing, oil change monitoring, tune ups, tire rotation, taxes and fines, being able to schedule by kilometer reading or date.

Ethanol or Gasoline:
Identify which fuel is the best with the Flex Calculator: know which fuel is most advantageous by only entering the price of ethanol or gasoline.

★ Pro version advantages: ★
• Backup data of your vehicle in the cloud
• Synchronize data between devices
• Keep all your data safe
• Unlimited income registration
• No advertising
• Export the data concerning their vehicles in CSV/Excel.
• Setting and share the graphics generated by Drivo.
• Receive future Pro features for free.
• Receive technical support within 24 hours.

★ Two fuel tanks

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Drivvo?

Drivvo is a car management app that helps control fuel, maintenance, expenses, and revenues for personal or professional drivers.

How does Drivvo save money?

Drivvo helps you track fuel consumption, expenses, and services for your car, providing monthly costs, average consumption, cost per km, and more, helping you save money.

Can Drivvo manage multiple vehicles?

Yes, Drivvo can manage multiple vehicles and provide fuel efficiency reports sorted by fuel and gas stations.

Can I restore data from other apps?

Yes, you can restore data from apps like Fuelio, aCar, Carango, Fuel Log, My Cars, Car Expenses, and Fuel Manager.

What control and management features does Drivvo have?

Drivvo allows you to track refuellings, incomes, routes, expenses, services, set reminders, and compare ethanol and gasoline prices.

What are the advantages of the Pro version?

The Pro version offers cloud backup, data synchronization between devices, no advertising, unlimited income registration, data export, shareable graphics, free future Pro features, and 24-hour technical support.
Nice app, please try to add bill image option.
Ahmed Waleed
Easily track your vehicle expenses. Great app.
Samantha Thompson
I am user of this application since December 2016. Its really nice.
ali ammar
Great way to keep up with the daily operation of your vehicle and to get reminders about servicing.
Ben Hunt
This app gets better all the time. Easy to use, clear simple process to keep track of your vehicle's fuel expense and mileage. Overall good value.
Thomas F. Acker
Very useful to keep track of the expenses
Andrei Grigore