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About INFOCAR - OBD2 ELM327 Car Scanner Diagnostics

● Detecting Abnormal Driving
• Detects and informs vehicle fault code in sensors or the system in real-time while driving.
• Diagnoses risk factors in driving situation instantly based on personal driving style
• Check data on vehicle performance such as cooling water and engine temperature, and prevent any vehicle malfunctions.

● Driving style
• Analyzes driving records though InfoCar algorithm.
• Check your safe/economical driving scores and rankings.
• Check your driving style based on statistical graph and driving records.
• Check your score and records for the desired period.

● Driving records
• Driving distance, time, average speed, and fuel efficiency are recorded for every driving situation.
• Check when and where (time & location) warning occurred for speed, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration and rapid turn.
• Check driving records such as speed, RPM and accelerator by time/location with replay driving function.
• Download driving log in Excel format for detailed driving records.

● Vehicle diagnosis
• Get detailed vehicle data in real time from the InfoCar Smart Scanner.
• Conduct self-diagnosis for any malfunctions in accessories such as ignition terminal, exhaust terminal, electronic circuit and so on.
• Check data on vehicle performance such as cooling water temperature, intake air pressure, engine load and so on.
• Check diagnostic records, which are automatically recorded at the end of driving.

● Real-time dashboard
• Provides real-time vehicle information on fuel and engine at a glance.
• Modify the display according to your convenience with easy operation.
• Check fuel efficiency and remaining fuel amount in real time.
• Utilize the HUD screen, which contains important information needed while driving.

● Vehicle management
• Provides information on consumables and informs recommended replacement cycle.
• Check consumables replacement date calculated based on the cumulative mileage of a vehicle.
• Create car maintenance log to organize your expenses and check them by item/date.
• Make a spending plan based on your car maintenance log and consumable replacement cycle.

● Convenient features
• Check and share your parking location and parking time.
• Record and save the external situation using the Black box function.
• Use your favorite features such as phone, message, and music on your driving dedicated screen.
• Use the floating button to check your driving score and driving data even when using other apps.

● Compatible with OBD2 terminal
- InfoCar app. supports the internationally standard OBD2 Protocol, so it supports ELM327 terminal using Bluetooth (2.0, LE 4.0). The InfoCar app works best when used with our own terminal.


※ App access rights and operating system

This service is only available for Andrioid 4.4 (Kitkat) and later versions.

[Required access rights]
- Location: access to display driving records and location under parking information mode.
- Storage space: access to store Black box video / audio files, diagnosis history
and driving records.

[Selective access right]
- Draw over other apps: accesses to activate floating button function.
- Microphone: accesses to enable voice recording when using Black box function
- Camera: accesses to record parking location and Black box images.

[Terminal support]
- Supports general purpose OBD (OBDII, OBD2, OBD-2, Viecar)

[Language support]
- 14 languages ​​including Korean and English are supported.

If you have any problems or questions while using this system, please contact us at 82-2-82-2-927-8242 or [email protected]


[Developer’s contact information]


INFOCAR Co., Ltd., 2nd floor, Techno Complex Building, Korea University, 145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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Mathew Polaschek
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