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About Vattenfall InCharge

Easily find charging points for electric vehicles with the Vattenfall InCharge app.

With the Vattenfall InCharge app you can find all public charge points for electric cars in the Netherlands and you can start and stop sessions through the app on charge points from Vattenfall InCharge.

With the Vattenfall InCharge app, you can:

· See all charging points where you can charge with a Vattenfall InCharge charge card and through the app
· Navigate directly to the nearest charging station
· See how much it costs to charge at charging stations with a Vattenfall InCharge chargecard
· Filter by availability and power to find compatible charging points
· Charge with your credit card at Vattenfall InCharge
· Charge with your imported charge card without needing your physical charge card.
· Receive notifications as soon as a charging point is free again

Quickly find (available) charging points and navigate directly to them Whether you are looking for a charging point in the area or close to your final destination, with the app you can easily find charging points based on your preferences. With the Navigate button you can immediately see the route to the nearest charging point that is available.

View charging rates per charge point Charging prices can vary per charging station. In the app you can immediately see what charging costs when using a Vattenfall InCharge RFID chargecard/tag.

Charging without a charge card Register your credit card easily and securely in the app. You can then immediately start charging at all public charging points of Vattenfall InCharge. You do not have to be a Vattenfall InCharge customer for this and you will receive a proof of payment immediately after your loading session.

You can now also import your Vattenfall InCharge RFID chargecard/tag in the app. You then no longer need your physical chargecard to start and stop a charging session. At the end of the month you will receive an invoice with an overview of all your loading sessions.

Follow charging station You have the option of following a charging point in the app. When you do this you will be notified when the charging point is released or is occupied again. This way you know immediately when your

Favorite charging point is available and ready for you to charge your vehicle. It also prevents that you arrive at your destination and that the charging point is unexpectedly occupied.

Stay informed of new charging stations in your area When you enter a home or work address, we will notify you when new charging stations are added in your area. This way you will always be aware of new charging stations.

Report malfunctions Are you standing at a Vattenfall InCharge charging station that is not working? Let us know through the app and we will immediately take action!

Leave messages on a charging station In the app, you can communicate with fellow electric vehicle drivers about charging stations. This way you can for example let other app users know that will soon be removing your car from a charging point, or let others know that a charging point is blocked, for example if a normal car is parked there.

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