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About Calendar Note

About Calendar Note:
- Calendar Note is a notepad that can be highlighted by applying styles to notes, displaying notes on the calendar.
- You can arrange the order of photos, voice recordings and text freely.
- Styles can be applied to the text and highlighted by partially adjusting the text size.
- Easily find past notes by categorizing them into folders.
- Reminder function allows you to be notified about important notes.
- All photos you've attached to notes in the list are displayed, making it easy to view your photos.
- Note data is automatically backed up to Google Drive and devices.

Key functions :
- Calendar
- Folder
- Text style
- Photos
- Voice recordings
- Reminder
- Tag
- Date, time
- Background color
- Search, Search inside notes
- Share
- Favorites
- Trash
- Automatic backup to Google Drive & Devices
- Taking notes on photo (Premium)

Supported languages:
- English, Korean, Japanese

Feedback, Inquiries and suggestions :
- [email protected]

good app
Mhammad Aytour
Chandan Sanbighna
Lovely calendar app. No.1
pradip sawant