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About 30 Day Shoulder Challenge Free

Join our 30 Days Shoulders Workout to strengthen and shape your shoulders and upper body! This fitness app provides clear instructions for exercise at home. The instruction is for exercise for men and women so everyone will benefit by following the fitness routine and upper body workout from our professional instructions. Furthermore, our Chest Workout app also provides you with other features that will motivate you and teach you how to live a healthier life. You truly can’t miss 30 Days Shoulders Workout Challenge.

Back and shoulders are such important parts of your body, especially your upper body. But many people don’t pay enough attention to them. You need strong shoulders to do most activities, including most upper body workout and other great exercises. If you neglect your shoulders, you will have problem in weightlifting, bench pressing, and other exercise routines. Our shoulder fitness routine targets the inner, outer and rear deltoid muscles and the trapezius muscle too. You should see the result of your daily workouts within 30 days if you follow all the instructions in this app every day. Your shoulders will look better and stronger.


Sometimes we don’t have access to the gym, either because of the location or the expensive membership fee. However, not having access to the gym doesn’t mean we can’t do effective exercise at home. Through our 30 Days Shoulders Workout Challenge app you can learn how to do the correct daily workouts at home, especially upper body workout.


In 30 days, you can focus on strengthening and shaping our shoulders. Remember that your back and shoulder are very important for your overall body strength and shape. If you diligently follow our fitness routine every day, you will see how your shoulders are toned up in just 30 days.


We provide colorful images that depict exactly how to do the right exercise for men and women. You just need to follow the instructions from our experts when you do you daily workouts at home and exercise routine.


Doing lots of exercise at home or at the gym is not enough. You need to eat healthy and has a good sleeping habit too. There are other important health tips we provide for you in order to help you lead a healthier life. People who are healthy also look better and more confident. So don’t neglect your health!


Although we provide you with great exercises, if you miss doing them, you won’t reach your goal. We help you with our Reminder feature so you will stay motivated to do your daily workouts.


Share this great exercises app with your friends and family. Ask them to join in and do the exercise at home together. Support and remind each other. Remember that this is a great exercise for men and women so everyone can join in the fun!

So, download our app now to learn how to do the correct shoulders exercise routine and get the strong shoulders you want in 30 days!

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100lid hai bhai
Lalit Singh
My shoulders got so big from doing this thanks🔥
Hip Hop Head
I like it's challenging.
James Parrish