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About Learn Laravel 8 Free OFFLINE - Laravel Tutorials

Learn Laravel 8 + PHP + MySQL and more. This is an in-depth guide to the most popular PHP Framework Laravel. If You are a new developer and thinking of learning Laravel or starting Laravel development then this app is going to be your best friend or if you are already a Laravel Developer then this app will be a great pocket reference guide for Laravel Development.

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for building web applications. With its various useful features, it lets developers build their websites fast and without the struggle. Also, it’s very fluent, user-friendly and easy to learn and understand.

This app contains all the major topics of Laravel with Excellent Code Examples. With its beautiful UI and easy to learn guide you can learn Laravel within few Days, and this is what makes this app different from other apps. We are constantly updating this app with every new major Laravel release and adding more code snippets.

Topics Included in this App

1- Laravel Framework Overview
2- Laravel Development Environment
3- Laravel Application Structure
4- Learn Laravel Configuration
5- Learn Laravel Routing
6- Learn Laravel Middleware
7- Intro to Laravel Namespaces
8- Learn Laravel Controller
9- Learn Laravel Requests
10- Intro to Laravel Cookies
11- Learn Laravel Response
12- Getting Familiar with Laravel Views
13- Learn Laravel Blade Templates
14- Learn Laravel Redirection
15- Working with Databases in Laravel
16- Learn Laravel Errors & Logging
17- Learn Laravel Forms
18- Laravel Localization
19- Sessions in Laravel
20- Laravel Validations
21- Learn Laravel File Uploading
22- Sending Emails in Laravel
23- Working with Ajax in Laravel
24- Laravel Errors Handling
25- Learn Laravel Event Handling
26- Facades
27- Learn Laravel Contract
28- CSRF Protection in Laravel
29- Authentication in Laravel
30- Authorization in Laravel
31- Learn Laravel Artisan Console
32- Laravel Encryption
33- Laravel Hashing
34- Understanding Release Process in Laravel
35- Guest User Gates in Laravel
36- Artisan Commands
37- Laravel Pagination Customization
38- Laravel Dump Server
39- Learn Laravel Action Url

So Why you Should Learn Laravel Framework in 2018/2019

1- Learning Laravel is Easy

Laravel is a framework that comes with many features that simply work out of the box. Authentication works out-of-the-box for user login, registration, password reset, sending emails, etc. Excellent Laravel documentation gives you step by step course on how to use it.

2. Blade Templating Engine

Being the best features of the Laravel web developing framework, Blade templating engine is easy to use and understand. It helps one when working with typical PHP/HTML languages.

3- Laravel ecosystem

Laravel has a huge community and it has a well-developed ecosystem. It’s easy to take your Laravel application from development to production.

4. Different File Support

Laravel web development has a local support network feature that is for different document services. For this reason, it uses Fly-system. Likewise, cloud-based inventory choices are created closer to cloud-based platforms.

5. Laravel Security

Laravel web development has uniquely provided a secure way to the web application. It has used hashed(#) passwords and does not save the password in plain-text form.

6. Artisan

This is a tool provided by Laravel web development. The programmer interacts with the framework by the use of a command-line that is entitled to the creation and management of the Laravel web development project environment.

So if you Like our effort please rate this app or comment below if you want to give us any suggestions or ideas. Thanks

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