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About clockodo Time Tracking

*** NOTE: This app requires a clockodo account
*** 14 days FREE trial available at

With clockodo, you and your co-workers can track your working times and project hours quickly, simply, and reliably online. Clear reports give you detail and versatility in analyzing the times.

Time is recorded using a time clock with information on the current task: Select customer, project and service, add an optional description and start the clock. In addition the app lists all time entries of the last days and you can manually add times not clocked.

With clockodo you can effortlessly create analyses of the hours worked customized to your own requirements. You can create reports for any period you choose, group them by multiple criteria, and save them as templates.

Using the clockodo time clock, you can exactly reproduce when you started working on a task and when you completed it. Furthermore you can see when you had a break or edged another task in.

Know your resources. Work more cost-efficiently. Increase your profits. After just a few clicks, clockodo shows you where your work really pays off and where you need to take action to increase your profits. Automatically generated time sheets let you bill your work faster and more accurately, while individual reports make sure you have your finger on the pulse of your business all the time.

The outstanding functionality of clockodo time tracking is combined with straightforwardness and ease of use. In developing the program, effort has been put into making it a sleek, fast piece of software capable of being put into everyday use without requiring training time.

Any number of co-workers is supported. You determine whether a given user may see only her/his own time entries or may also analyze company-wide reports or edit client and project data.

If you are already using another time tracking system, clockodo can import existing data from that system. With some online systems this can be done automatically via an API interface; in other cases data can be read from a .csv file. All clockodo data can be exported in .csv format.

We protect your data from server breakdowns by mirroring it on multiple servers and creating backups several times per day. No data will be passed to any third party by clockodo. The software complies with data protection law and uses SSL encryption for data transmission as used in online banking. The server location in Germany ensures that your data is stored savely under EU law.

Should you have questions or a problem, our expert support team will be happy to help you. We guarantee to provide assistance fast.

*** NOTE: This app requires a clockodo account
*** 14 days FREE trial available at

This app only contains the "clock" part of clockodo plus it lets you edit the times. Any other feature (reports, etc) goes through the website.
Manuel Andreo Garcia
It's basic compared to Web but it's useful
Luis González
This app has received many updates since I started using it about 2 years ago. It is very stable now and correcting clock ins and clock outs can be done automatically. It's shows all the information needed i...
A Google user