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About Minimal Dungeon RPG

Deep in the valley of Casa, you emerge in a dazzling light.

The monsters feel something inside you; they fear it and want to kill you. But, who are you? You just know that your very survival depends on how well you wield a weapon.

You're about to experience the essence of your favorite RPGs presented in a simplified, minimalist way perfect for mobile play. Quests, monsters, NPCs, treasure chests and plenty of surprises await! Explore dungeons, loot anything not nailed down and do some gathering and fishing, right before taking down a nightmarish boss. If you dare.

Rediscover the joy of classic RPGs in a brand new format.

Game features:

* Epic dungeons filled with loot and monstrous... monsters.
* Equipment out the wazoo to make you invincible! (NB: equipment not guaranteed to make you invincible)
* Progress! The next level is just around the corner. Then the next one. And another!
* A fascinating, rich story. Who the heck is Claude!?
* Challenging and rewarding gameplay, full of monsters to find... and slay.

If you have questions or feedback about the game, please contact us at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Minimal Dungeon RPG?

Minimal Dungeon RPG is a simplified, minimalist version of your favorite RPGs, designed for mobile play. It offers quests, monsters, NPCs, treasure chests, and surprises in epic dungeons.

What is the game about?

The game is about surviving in a dungeon filled with monsters. As a player, you must wield a weapon effectively to stay alive. It offers a rich story, challenging gameplay, and rewarding progress.

What are the game's features?

The game features epic dungeons filled with loot and monsters, abundant equipment to enhance your strength (although not guaranteed to make you invincible), progressive levels, and a fascinating story revolving around a character named Claude.

How can I contact the game's developer?

To contact the game's developer with any questions or feedback, please email them at [email protected].
Jason Bannick
Fun, easy, no p2w and only optional ads
James Pursell
Pretty fun so far, no ads whatsoever only if i choose to watch them, and also pretty fun :)
Ádám Selyem
Pretty fun so far.
Benjamin Spencer
Really good
Hannah Mccrindle
I really like this game!"I only wish I didn't have to subscription pay to remove ads!
Frexel Nexen