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About Weight loss challenge with friends

BetterTogether turns losing weight into a fun game with your friends!

Are you worried about how you can lose weight together or want to get into the best shape of your life?

Let’s lose weight together using a weight loss challenge app with your friends and family. The main purpose of this  fun weight loss game, is to feel better in your life.
Our app can help you achieve your goals when you do the challenge for weight loss with friends and family.

Follow our weight loss fun game where you will find daily weight loss challenges, set your desired goals for weight loss. To challenge your friends is a fun game that will give you the real benefit to shape your life and turn weight loss into fun with your buddy.

BetterTogether – Losing Weight App Feature:
• Game weight loss also has the feature of chat with your friends and teammates to acknowledge them about your progress.
• Get the weight loss win prize is only for those who will meet the targets.
• Get daily notifications informing you about the daily challenge. Moreover, daily medals will be awarded and notifications for water drinking, floor climbing, and number of steps walked will be sent.
• Weight goal countdown announces the winner for the weekly ceremony.

Main aspects of Bettertogether – Losing Weight App:

1) Better together and Create a Challenge for Friends:
You may have experienced other losing weight apps and followed other weight loss challenge calendars but now you have a new place where you will find many things that will shape your life in one place. Better together means you will create a challenge for the best body shape and challenge your friends online by inviting them to the weight loss game fun. Fun weight loss app is available with options where you can set your desired goals, percentage of weight loss, and the duration to meet your target for an easy way to lose weight.

2) Weight Loss Weekly Tracker
Body transformation challenge is an opportunity to have the best way to lose weight together as a team with weekly calculations to meet your losing weight targets. This is a fun game for weight loss groups where you can compare how you are progressing to meet your weekly weight targets and how your friends are achieving their targets. This weight loss challenge with a friend app also gives you the option where you can hide your weight. Apart from that if you win this challenge you will be the biggest loser.

3) Get Fit with Friends – Add daily information for weight loss
Do you want to lose 10 pounds before your wedding? Now we will give you the opportunity where you can get fit with friends. Many people ask how to lose 20 pounds and it is also a big challenge in your daily life that demands a proper diet plan where healthy eating is very important. Drinking water is one of the best and fastest ways to lose weight loss and you can submit the number of glasses of water per day in our app. Moreover, count my step walking and floor climbing counters that track your daily steps and floors climbing are the best chance for you to shape your body and win the weight loss competition with your friends and family.

A long list is available for you where you can access and take the best diet tips for weight loss for your friends and family.
 Download this app now for FREE and challenge your friends and family in this weight loss bet app.

A really great idea!! Only problem is it won't save your weigh in pictures so make sure you take a separate one
Jay Diamond
Very helpful
Leanne Pettyfer
Great way to stay motivated with friends
Kacie Ross