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About Shield Launcher - Lock and Hide Apps

Lock or hide any application on your phone or tablet for free, and protect your privacy with Shield Launcher 2020. Simple assign a password and set your fingerprint to secure your Android device and keep the information stored in your apps private.

Many of the common, everyday apps we have installed on our devices store very sensitive information such as photos, personal data, or financial information. Most of these apps do not require a password or security PIN to open, leaving you vulnerable.

Install Shield Launcher 2020 for free and add an additional layer of AppLock & Hide App protection:

βœ… AppLock: Lock apps like Facebook & Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Email, Photos & Videos, SMS Messenger, YouTube, CashApp & Venmo, Amazon, etc.
βœ… Hide Apps: Keep any app on your phone hidden so you're the only one who can see them
βœ… Password-protect your private data and information from potential intruders
βœ… Choose as many apps as you’d like to lock with the same password or fingerprint you assign
βœ… Prevent family, friends, or children from accessing private content
βœ… Additional layer of security in case your device is lost or stolen

All of this can be done in three simple steps:

1️⃣ Install Shield Launcher 2020
2️⃣ Assign a password or fingerprint
3️⃣ Select the apps you’d like to lock

That’s it! After installing, Shield Launcher will replace your home screen and add the News, AppLock, and Hide App screens to your swipe-right screen. Now you’ll never have to worry πŸ”’

So far so good
Donna Clevenger
Keeping my private stuff locked and i only know the password
Jonathan McClain
Was all right
Patrick Buckalew