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About Amazon Halo

This app requires the Halo Band.

Amazon Halo measures your movement, sleep quality, body composition, and even the tone of your voice, to provide a more complete picture of your overall health and help you build better habits for life.

Key features:


• Informed by guidelines from the American Heart Association, Halo measures the intensity of your activity in addition to tracking steps and sedentary time. This means that working harder – for example, taking two stairs at a time, or going for a jog – helps you reach your weekly goals faster.


• Monitor the quality and quantity of your sleep, like how long it takes you to fall asleep, how much you wake up at night, and how long you spend in each sleep stage.


• Halo's Body feature is nearly twice as accurate as leading at-home smart scales.
• Body uses your smartphone’s camera to determine your body fat percentage, a better indicator of health than weight or BMI alone.
• A personalized 3D model helps you track changes over time.


• Build healthier habits through 100+ labs developed by partners like Mayo Clinic, WW and Headspace.
• Simple, trackable experiments and challenges can help you see the impact that small changes can make on the way you feel – like whether meditating improves your focus, or if a pet-free bedroom improves your sleep quality.


• Halo analyzes qualities of your voice throughout the day to help you understand how you may sound to others.
• Being more aware of your tone can help you keep your relationships strong at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

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Excellent, so far!
Nazareth Berlanga
I was selected to try out the Halo Band for early access, and am so excited to put this band to good use. I am definitely going to keep it as it works just like the Fitbit but better. Set up was really easy ...
Ulysess Morningstar
So far so good. Surprised by the number of resources and programs for sleep, exercise and overall health. A real nice bonus. The device is simple and efficient. Not like all those smart devices that are more...
Les Call
Woot woot!
Shantal s-numb
Loving the variety of features and quality of information! Very comfortable to wear the band, and thr information it can gather is incredible. I only wish the app would let me see the heart rate timeline at ...
B L Hornbeak
Great layout easy to use
Karen Vann