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About Math Multiplication Games

Start your journey through the Multiplication Games with Jelly!
It will help your child learn math skills necessary to solve problems of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades.

Traditional math practice can be boring. Fun math and multiplication games for kids and beautiful original artwork make the learning process interesting and exciting.

The learning program is developed by a professional educator. The set of math problems and their order aligned to the сurriculum for First, Second, and Third Grade and contains the main topics studied during the first three school years. Playing your child will be able to solve more than 2000 math problems:

You can choose any of the three big math topics and will master such skills as:

1st grade math:
Numbers up to 10 and up to 20. One-digit numbers, inequalities, sequences of numbers, addition, and subtraction.
Numbers up to 100. Two-digit numbers, inequalities, sequences of numbers, addition, and subtraction.

2nd grade math - more than 700 multiplication problems:
Times tables up to 10. Multiplication tables.

3rd grade math - more than 700 multiplication and division problems:
Numbers up to 100. Multiplication and division. Multiplication tables.

Stats on the count of solved tasks helps to monitor the progress of the child.

Multiplication Games with Jelly is a completely safe environment for children, so you can let them play worry-free.

Download Multiplication Games with Jelly and make learning math your child’s favorite game!

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