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About IQsha: play and learn

IQsha helps with the learning and development of children ages 2 to 7

In the Application (App) you will find Quizzes for learning new topics as well as the revision and mastering of present skills:

а) Logic - logic chain, exceptions, comparison, Euler’s circles, puzzles;
b) Math - forward and reverse counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, problem solving
c) Improving of reading skills and learning of Language Arts - abc learning, reading of words and sentences;
d) Memory and attention development
e) Expansion of child’s intellectual horizon

10 tasks a day - FREE! Training is provided by professional teachers in a playful way. Learning is independent, with no help needed from parents. A voiceover is provided for questions and events. Awards, cups and medals motivate the child to continue practicing!

Easy to control with the full statistics of the child’s progress provided for parents

Try to practice now!
Got a question regarding the service?
Send us an email to the editor Aliya at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What age group is IQsha designed for?

IQsha is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 7.

What kind of quizzes are available on the IQsha app?

The IQsha app offers quizzes for learning new topics, as well as revision and mastering of present skills in logic, math, improving reading skills and language arts, memory and attention development, and expansion of a child's intellectual horizon.

How many tasks are available for free on IQsha?

IQsha offers 10 tasks a day for free.

Who provides the training on IQsha?

The training on IQsha is provided by professional teachers.

Is parental help needed for learning on IQsha?

Learning on IQsha is independent, with no help needed from parents.

Are there any rewards for learning on IQsha?

Yes, awards, cups, and medals are provided to motivate the child to continue practicing.

Is it easy for parents to monitor their child's progress on IQsha?

Yes, IQsha is easy to control, and full statistics of the child's progress are provided for parents.

How can I contact IQsha if I have questions?

To contact IQsha with any questions, you can send an email to the editor Aliya at [email protected].
I love this app, but would like to see Russian language version.
Love this app for kids
Lena Manby
It's great except for some small glitches like "This is gloves" should be "These are" and a picture gets covered by the word itself. Also, our app came out to be in English and there is no option to switch i...
Katerina Sharm
Very good aplication,my kid love it !
costrov nicoleta
Моя дочь (почти 7 лет) очень любит эти занятия. Полезное развивающее пособие в игровой форме. Очень рекомендую! 10ти занятий в день- однозначно мало!
Olga Bankova
Интересный набор игр, весело и полезно.
Natalia Ryzhkova