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About Quantum Frequency Technologies

Quantum Frequency Technologies is a high vibrational Tachyon plasma technology generated by The stars and sent to earth through A Higher Dimensional Intelligence pyramid plexus grid system. It is similar to the earths Ley line system but formed in plexus patterns throughout star maps across the sky generating pure plasma restorative energy from the stars and connecting to your intention....As you begin your journey, you will be guided into the expansion of the quantum holographic field of the light codes and frequencies within this technology. you will be engaging your sensory bodies through sacred sound and light frequencies. When this technology activates and transmits the Light codes, the expansions of sonic ripples magnify within your entire being as well as the surrounding areas and all aspects of creation. Please see website for more details!

** Please Note**
This App is very big in Size and it requires a Newer Phone or Device to work properly.
Copyright ©2020 Quantum Frequency Technologies
Layla Hunter: Owner/Creative Director/Sound Frequency Engineer
Contact: [email protected]

Love love love this app
Amanda Amaro
Freddy Lopez
Lost all my gems
Steven Brindle