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About Cosmic Insights Astrology

Decode your future for a better present.

Anticipate upcoming events and direct the cosmic energies of your life toward a positive future outcome.

Navigate through your karmic map with the most comprehensive, life-changing Vedic astrology app.

Consciously allow destiny to unfold with awareness and ensure to maximise your freewill to get the best out of your life.

With Cosmic Insights we help you to understand your karmas and evolve to your fullest potential through the cosmic knowledge of the sun, moon and planets and the Nakshatras.

* Most robust and comprehensive birth charts and transit charts to generate your daily horoscope, monthly horoscope and yearly horoscope.
* All 16 divisional charts + more!
* Shadbala, Ashtakvarga & Prastarashtakvarga,  Avasthas, Argala, Bhava bala, Bhava Chalit chart.
* Yogas, Arudha Padas, Jaimini Karakas, Badhaka Planets and more
* Panchang: Daily Panchang & Muhurat, Hora, Rahu Kaal, Hindu Calendar with Festivals, Abhijit Muhurat, Panchak, tarabala, Chandrabala etc.
* Detailed Nakshatra Analysis including nakshatra of divisional charts, Nadi nakshatras, Nava tara, Tarabala table and more..
* Kalachakra, Narachakra, Drekkanas, Deities of divisional charts, Karmas stored in chakras, Somnath drekkana, Jagannath drekkana, Yogataras, 
* Rahu Ketu Analysis, 
* Panchapakshi - The most accurate way to predict and plan your day.
* Tithi Pravesha - Find your true vedic birthday.
* Horoscope Matching: Kundali Matching (Ashtakoota, Dashakoota and modern methods).
* Planet dignities across all vargas
* Over 15+ Dasha systems 
* Remedies to improve relationships, career success, soul planet and more..
* Download PDFs to Print your horoscope reports.
* Learn Vedic Astrology using the inbuilt Jyotish reference tables and Karakas module.
* GPS support for Prashna Kundli (Horary Charts) and Time Charts
* Store thousands of horoscopes that can be viewed at anytime, anywhere.
* Offline access to the most important parts of the horoscope analysis.
* North and South Indian chart style.
* Automatic DST correction.
* Chart rotation: click on a house in north Indian chart and it will show new chart with that house as ascendant
* Solar Return with Muntha- yearly horoscope reading.
* Jaimini Astrology: Chara Dasha, Karakamsha & Swamsha, Atmakaraka and other chara karakas.
* Vedic Rituals and Remedies including Nakshatra remedies
* Spirituality and mantras
* Export, Save and Share charts and horoscopes.
* Moon sign calculator, sun sign calculator, lagna calculator, nakshatra calculator and more.
* Atma Karaka (Soul planet) calculator, Fortuna point, Destiny Point (Bhrigu Bindu), Yogi Point, Avayogi Point etc.
* Hora Lagna, Varnada Lagna, Shree Lagna, Ghati Lagna and more.
* Aprakash Grahas and Upa Grahas
* Jyotirlinga and Ganesha for your birth chart.

And many more

Subscriptions are auto-renewed at the end of each subscription period(6 months) indefinitely.

1 month subscription is $6.99 (auto-renewed every month)
1 year subscription is $41.99 (auto-renewed every year)
Lifetime subscription is $199

- Subscription gives you access to premium features and unlimited usage of cosmic insights including Cosmic Journal, Astrological Charts, Personalized Transits, Auspicious date finder and more.

The subscription will be renewed automatically if it is not canceled within atleast 24 hours prior to the expiration of the current subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Cosmic Insights Astrology?

Cosmic Insights Astrology is an app that helps you understand your karmas and evolve to your fullest potential through the cosmic knowledge of the sun, moon, planets, and Nakshatras.

What features does Cosmic Insights Astrology provide?

Cosmic Insights Astrology provides features such as robust birth charts and transit charts for daily, monthly, and yearly horoscope predictions, various divisional charts, Panchang information, detailed Nakshatra analysis, horoscope matching, remedies for improving relationships and career success, and much more.

How much does a subscription to Cosmic Insights Astrology cost?

The subscription prices for Cosmic Insights Astrology are as follows: $6.99 per month, $41.99 per year, or a one-time payment of $199 for a lifetime subscription.

What happens if I don't cancel my subscription to Cosmic Insights Astrology before it expires?

If the Cosmic Insights Astrology subscription is not canceled at least 24 hours prior to the expiration of the current subscription, it will be automatically renewed for the same subscription period.

Can I access Cosmic Insights Astrology offline?

Yes, Cosmic Insights Astrology provides offline access to the most important parts of the horoscope analysis, allowing you to view your horoscopes anytime, anywhere.

Are there any additional features or benefits included in the subscription?

Yes, the subscription to Cosmic Insights Astrology gives you access to premium features such as the Cosmic Journal, Astrological Charts, Personalized Transits, Auspicious date finder, and more. It also allows for unlimited usage of the app.
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This app is worthwhile. It is really helpful.
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Usefull good information thank you 🤓
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