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About Idle Beach Tycoon : Cash Manager Simulator

A new idle adventure begins. The beach is calling for you!

Have you ever dreamed of running a beach and being tycoon? Here is your chance... All you care about is cash and having fun! Your private beach is waiting for you!!! 🌊

Idle Beach Tycoon is an idle / management game but not like other idles, in this tycoon game you will have the most fun job to be a billionaire. 💲💲

You are the BOSS! Starting this journey is the first step for you to be a billionaire and start to live the life you've been dreaming of all the time. You have the best lands along the seaside to start your business. 🌴

🤵You as a businessman are in charge of everything, making bad or good decisions is up to you. Your priorities while running your business will affect the money you make. Is safety first or just fun? It's your job to control the beach , improve it, add new facilities and new toys for your customers to have fun. They tend to spend more money on your beach if they have more choices and more fun. But they need to be alive to spend money!! So you should never underestimate the importance of the lifeguard. You wouldn't believe if you see how often the customers get drowned. It's something that affects other customers so bad and they usually leave the seaside if they see someone gets drowned. So you lose all the potential income from those customers.

At the beginning, you have a really small land on the seaside. You need to clean other parts of your land to be able to use those areas for new facilities. When you open new parts of your land your capacity will increase. More customers , more money!! Develop different strategies to attract more customers!!🌴🌴

You can built hotels, cafes, stores and many more on your beach. The amount of customers you serve affects the reputation point. There are limits for you to achieve to move your business to better and bigger lands. In every new land, you will have new facilities to open and new fun toys for your customers to have fun and spend much more money. You will learn from your old experiences and build new and better strategies for your new lands every time you move....

Build new places and upgrade them as much as you can to earn more money from your customers.. The customers will love your place to spend their vacation and come back for your slides, trampoline , canoes , speedboat ,comfy sunbeds and delicious ice cream......
You also have a research submarine... You should always send it to research in the depths of the sea.. The submarine you have will go deeper every time you send it. It may take more time but will worth it. If you're lucky you can find parchment pieces to collect and when you collect all pieces of a parchment you will have permanent upgrades. You can also find some special crystals and money with your research submarine.💲💲

If you enjoy relaxing idle and clicker games , we believe that Idle Beach Tycoon is the game you're looking for. This is one of the most fun and relaxing business management games of all time. There are no dark factories or a small room for you, in this game you will spend all your time like you're on vacation.....


-Casual and entertaining gameplay🌴
-Different strategies to improve your business🌴
-Beautifully designed lots of levels (Many more is on the way)
-Save your game in the cloud and play it on other devices

🌊This game is on the beta process and we will keep improving it on every new update.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Idle Beach Tycoon?

Idle Beach Tycoon is an idle/management game where the player runs their own beach and manages their business to become a billionaire.

What are the player's responsibilities in the game?

The player is in charge of managing their beach, improving it, adding new facilities and toys for customers to have fun, and making decisions that affect their business's success.

What are some facilities that can be built on the beach?

Hotels, cafes, stores, slides, trampolines, canoes, speedboats, and sunbeds are some facilities that can be built on the beach to attract customers.

Why is it important to have a lifeguard in the game?

The lifeguard is important because customers tend to spend more money on the beach when they feel safe. Additionally, a drowning customer can negatively affect other customers and drive them away from the beach, causing the player to lose potential income.

What is the purpose of the research submarine?

The research submarine can be sent to the depths of the sea to find parchment pieces, special crystals, and money that can be used to upgrade the player's business.

Is Idle Beach Tycoon a relaxing game?

Yes, Idle Beach Tycoon is a casual and entertaining game that is designed to be relaxing and enjoyable for the player.

Can the game be saved and played on other devices?

Yes, the game can be saved in the cloud and played on other devices.
Great game! Keep it up. The best you can do with the ads is give rewards, perfect! 👍
Angel D
This is such a cool game and so fun
Frank Petrucco
A fun and relaxing game for people who like tycoon
Wolf gammer 21
So far so good, I would love more options on items on beach
Christina R. Carlin
Not Bad Game.Its Great.I Have Nothing To Say.
A Google user