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About Starside - Build Your Match 3 Celebrity Resort

Congratulations! You’re the new owner of Starside Resort, a secret island retreat loved by VIP’s from the world over. To meet their very high expectations for celebrity games and hotel simulator holidays, you’ll have to beat fun match-3 challenges that will allow you to renovate and expand your tropical hotel into a first-class celebrity games resort!

Take a resort tycoon game vacation filled with match-3 games in the most famous hotel simulator and celebrity simulator ever!


🌴 BEAT fun and satisfying celebrity games match-3 levels to earn as many resort tycoon game shells as you can. Swap and match hotel simulator fruits to crush them quickly and get the celebrity games currency you need to keep building and renovating your resort tycoon game island paradise!

🌴 BUILD new celebrity games hotel facilities and give your exclusive resort the makeover it deserves to attract more and more world famous celebrities in this resort tycoon game! Give the rich and famous the level of hotel simulator luxury they expect and spoil them with all kinds of tropical fluff!

🌴 CHANGE the scenery of your resort game secret island completely in the most celebrity-peppered of renovation games, building and refurbishing installations throughout the green and breezy beaches that will play host to the best celebrity simulator vacations of your guests lives!

🌴 DISCOVER the resort game secrets of your celebrity guests in this resort tycoon game and dive deep into their lives to understand what brought them to the island. Unlock the star-studded renovation games-filled chapters of a gripping tale, meet diverse and unique characters and unravel shocking and emotional celebrity simulator truths!

If you think combining and crushing match-3 games fruits and building resort facilities in renovation games are the only things you’ll be doing as Starside’s celebrity games resort owner, think again. Hosting celebrity simulator VIP’s and celebrities comes with lots of resort game drama, and you’ll have to take part in all of it in order to give your guests the relaxing and soul-soothing celebrity simulator and renovation games experience they crave!

Cinema legends, masters of renovation games, popstars, movie directors, glamour queens, celeb mayors, and hollywood reality stars are only some of the types you’ll host in your fabulous match-3 games beach paradise!

Enjoy a narrative full of drama and match-3 games as you build the perfect vip resort! Turn it into the jewel of celebrity retreats and watch the buzz around your glamorous hotel gets louder!

Match tropical fruits like there’s no tomorrow to earn money in cascades of colorful explosions! Then, use all this resort game cash to satisfy the builder in you and renovate Starside resort for the summer!

Join your efficient concierge to manage the needs of Starside’s clients and also give a helping hand with their turbulent personal lives. Attend their secretive match-3 games all the while working to improve the resort and beat ever more thrilling tropical fruit crushing levels.

Pack your resort game sunscreen and rock your most stylish shades: the coolest summer job of your life starts now!

Please note! This resort game is free to play, but it contains match-3 games items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Starside Resort?

Starside Resort is a secret island retreat loved by VIPs, where players can renovate and expand their tropical hotel into a first-class celebrity games resort through fun match-3 challenges.

How can I earn currency in the game?

By beating match-3 levels, players can earn resort tycoon game shells which can be used as currency in the game.

What can I do with the currency?

Players can use the currency to build new hotel facilities, renovate the resort, and attract more world famous celebrities to their exclusive resort.

Can I change the scenery of my resort?

Yes, players can completely change the scenery of their resort by building and refurbishing installations throughout the green and breezy beaches.

Is there a storyline in the game?

Yes, players can discover the secrets of their celebrity guests by unlocking the star-studded chapters of a gripping tale and unraveling shocking and emotional truths.

What types of celebrities will I host in my resort?

Players will host various types of celebrities including cinema legends, popstars, movie directors, glamour queens, celeb mayors, and hollywood reality stars.

Can I earn money by matching fruits?

Yes, players can earn money by matching tropical fruits in cascades of colorful explosions.

Is there a personal life aspect in the game?

Yes, players can manage the needs of their clients and help with their turbulent personal lives while improving the resort and beating exciting fruit crushing levels.

Is the game free to play?

Yes, the game is free to play, but it also offers match-3 game items and additional features that can be purchased with real money.
Cute game love it
Natasha Martin
Love it!! Keeps your mind alert..This game is easy!! Like taking candy from a baby!!
Steve Waybright
Kevin Danals
I enjoy playing this game, it's very interesting,
Wendy Shipp Simmons
Ive tried this game before but got stuck on a hard level. Ill try again. Im back for a third try. I hope its better now!
maat hathor
Love this game great fun to play
anita sherriff