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About CancerAid


Feeling disorganised, confused, isolated or overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis? You are not alone.

CancerAid was founded by two oncologists to assist you in managing cancer. The app is designed to help you take control over physical and psychological side effects from the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and during recovery.

The CancerAid app lets you keep track of your diagnostic and treatment information, access medically reliable information to learn more about your condition, track and manage your side effects, nominate your care team and gain access to a motivational community, all in one place.

Use the app in the comfort of your own home, in the waiting room, during appointments or out and about. CancerAid is available when you need it the most, anywhere and anytime.

Be Better Equipped to Discuss Side Effects with Your Doctor

It’s ok not to be ok. The CancerAid app makes it easy to record and monitor symptoms and medication use over time. We understand that it's not always possible to log symptoms when they occur so we have made it possible to track in real time and retrospectively.

Research has shown that patients who record their symptoms and share these with their clinical care team experience improved outcomes. Refer back to the app when speaking to your nurse or doctor to help them better understand your body changes and feels.

If you are not experiencing any side effects or symptoms, great! Let your care team know that you are feeling well by entering a low severity in the app. Logging your wellness regularly is as important as logging your symptoms, and helps physicians make decisions on your treatment.

Who’s in your corner?

You can nominate your care team and loved ones with the Champion feature to keep them in the loop of how you are going. In your CancerAid journal, you can share your experiences and milestones in a secure place available to you and your nominated Champions.

Champions let you share information with all your loved ones at once.
Support for Caregivers

Cancer is not a one man disease, and we recognise that caregivers also need useful tools and support through the cancer timeline. If you are caring for someone affected by cancer you can request to follow their progress in the app so that you know when they need you the most.

The app is filled with helpful resources for caregivers. The in-app community lets you read other carer’s tips and experiences, the cancer profile holds information on specific cancer types, treatments and what to expect from them.

CancerAid is One of the Most Trusted Cancer Resources Available

CancerAid is endorsed by several leading Cancer Hospitals, Health Insurance Providers, and Cancer Charities. CancerAid has been awarded Best Start up Creating Social Impact by Richard Branson of Virgin Group and Best Global Startup by Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple.

The app has been featured as a flagship health app in a recent Apple press release and has been featured on Shark Tank Australia, TechCrunch, CNBC and The Huffington Post.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is CancerAid?

CancerAid is a digital app designed to help individuals manage their cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.
The app is very user friendly, its still young and I suspect improvements on the horizon but is a brilliant idea and will ultimately improve quality of life for many!! Well done :)
Katherine Fitzpatrick
Really love this app! It is easy to use and great for tracking symptoms and staying organized.
Anne Wellington
Amazing initiative. An equally amazing app.
Shreyashi Choudhuri
I think the app is great! Really love the research articles!!
Mary Granado
This is a great app I only wish it had more languages and had a better advertising so I will hear about it before
Khalid Bin Khunain
Cancer is such an overwhelming and complex issue for those affected by it, both directly and indirectly. The team at CancerAid have done a wonderful job in creating a resource to guide patients and their fam...
Simon Menelaws