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About Drums Sheet Reading PRO

This is the ad-free version.

It includes:

The DRUM SET NOTES Section on which you can click notes on the staff to see the corresponding part of the Drum Set and its name, or viceversa: you can click any part of the Drum Set to see the corresponding note on the staff.

This section has exercises on which notes appear on the staff and you have to click the part of Drum Set corresponding to each particular note.

LESSONS Section (Seventy lessons):

These lessons show the way in which the Drum Set is written in different styles of contemporary music.
- Rock Pop
- Blues Rock
- Jazz
- Funk
- Latin Music
- Fusion

On each lesson you will see a sheet music and you will listen what is written on it. You will see animations of the beats, the notes on the staff and the parts of the Drum Set. This allows you to relate what is written on a score with that which is played on the Drum Set.

By clicking the "a" button you will listen all the instruments. By clicking the "b" button you will only listen the Drum Set. You can click on the bar from which you want to repeat.

QUIZZES Section (Seventy quizzes):

Each Quiz is related to a lesson. There are no more animations of the beats, of the notes on the staff, nor the parts of the Drum Set.

You have to click on a button at the moment when you hear each one of the notes marked in red on a sheet music.


These exercises will help you develop the ability to relate that which is written in a piece of sheet music with the parts of the Drum Set, in real time.

When the exercise begins you have to click on each part of the Drum Set that corresponds to that which is written. This has to be done at first sight in real time.

In the same way as reading piano music, flute music, violin music or guitar music, all require practice; reading drums becomes easier if you practice it on a daily basis.

Knowing how to read music is very useful if you get drum lessons. Being able to understand a music score helps you to get a better understanding of any type of drum beats. Practicing is the key and this app has been created to let you practice reading drums sheet music when you donĀ“t have your drum set. Music notation for electronic drum set is the same.

Just as a piano player becomes better if he practices reading piano sheet music, a drummer becomes better if he practices reading drum sheet music.

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it's great as my reading skills are put into the test
FoxDie Engine