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About Play Piano Styles: Rock, Blues and more

This is the free version.

This app includes seventy Piano Patterns in the following styles:

- Rock (15)
- Blues (15)
- Funk (15)
- Latin Music (15)
- Jazz (5)
- Fusion (5)

With this app you don´t need to know how to read music. You just need to see the animations on each lesson and play by imitation on your piano or keyboard.

On each exercise there are two buttons: "SLOW" and "NORMAL".

When you click the "SLOW" button you listen to the music at slow speed, you can see animations of the beats, the notes on the stave, and what you need to do with the fingers of your hands on the keyboard. Use this section to learn the pattern.

You can click on any bar from which you want to repeat.

When you click on the "NORMAL" button you can listen to the music at it´s regular speed. No more animations. Audio repeats without stopping so you can practice until you reach the normal speed. You can improvise on the pattern, which is repeated over and over.

The sheet music and the animations of the notes on the staff are presented to let you see that there is a very close relation between what is played on the piano keyboard and how music is written and read. This helps on understanding the basis of reading music in an intuitive way. YOU DON´T NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE WRITTEN MUSIC IF YOU DON´T WANT TO.

The easiest style to begin with is ROCK.

These piano/keyboard patterns are some of the most used musical phrases on ROCK, BLUES, JAZZ, FUNK, LATIN MUSIC & FUSION. Learning to play these patterns will give you a pretty good idea on how to play these styles.


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