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About Ear Training PRO

This is the ad-free version.

- It includes three sections:

SECTION 1 has two levels:

- Each level contains twenty rhythmic lessons and twenty melodic lessons.

- Each lesson is integrated by fifteen exercises.


- You will hear a musical idea and you will see two scores. One is right, the other is wrong.

- You have to click on the right score.

- On this level you can repeat the exercise as many times as you want before clicking.

- If you click on the wrong choice the exercise will not advance so that you can hear it again and recognize the right choice.


- You will hear a musical idea and you will see two scores. One is right, the other is wrong.

- You have to click on the right score.

- Each exercise plays only once.

- For each time you click on the right choice you get one point. There is a maximum of 15 right guesses per exercise.

SECTION 2 has a different type of ear training exercises which are not related to any written music. Rhythmic exercises on this section are to practice the ability to reproduce a rhythmic combination just by listening to it. On the melodic exercises of this section you will listen a series of sounds and you have to recognize the higher one.

Sometimes you play songs without the need to read a sheet music. You just listen the rhythm or the melody and you play it or you sing it. The emphasis in Section 2 is to be able to repeat what you hear rhythmically. It is also important to be able to identify the highest note in a melody.

SECTION 2 contains ten rhythmic lessons and ten melodic lessons.

SECTION 3 has 35 melodic exercises and 25 rhythmic exercises.

On the melodic exercises you will listen some notes and you have to click on the highest one.

On the rhythmic exercises you will listen a rhythmic formula and you have to indicate what is missing on the staff.

Music has rhythm and melody. Being able to listen some music notes and knowing whats going on in terms of pitch and duration is an important ability for a musician. Ear training helps you to read a sheet music without an instrument and knowing how it sounds.

If you are taking guitar lessons or piano lessons this app will be very useful for you. Playing piano music or guitar music is better done when you have a clear idea about music notes values and pitch.

Ear training is vital to understand music theory. How to play guitar or how to play piano is not just a matter of moving your fingers, it has a lot to do with listening and knowing what you are listening to.

Perfect pitch is not a requirement to enter a music school because there will be ear training lessons. So this app is something you must have if you are on singing lessons, trying to learn how to read music, studying music scales, playing violin music or reading piano sheet music.

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