Best 3 Ways for Mobile User Acquisition

You find a great app idea and make an excellent application. Then you publish your new app on App Store excitedly. Even you may dream to be rich with thinking your app downloaded with millions of people. Just a moment, after you wake up, you check the analytics of your app but nobody downloads it. Sorry but reality hurts. Your app cannot come to light if you don't do something.

There are 3 main user acquisition ways, you should apply them.

  1. App Store Optimization (ASO)
  2. Organic User Acquisition
  3. Paid Advertising

Let's take a closer look at these.

1- App Store Optimization (ASO)

As you understand of the title, ASO aims to increase the app's visibility and rank order in app stores. You should take care of title, sub title, description, keywords, icon, screenshots, video, localization etc.

Let's list must-have ASO checklist

  • App Name / Title: Find a unique, easy spelling, simple, shorter name. Then concatenate the app name with a searchable description. APP NAME - TINY DESCRIPTION
  • App Subtitle / Short Description: This should summarize what your app is about. Choosing strong keywords can increase your app's ranking.  
  • Description: Description is an important part of ASO for Google Play Store. You should prepare a readable description with take care of main keywords' density. Even most of ASO experts tell description is not important for Apple App Store, I don't think so. Your description's keywords may not be used by Apple but your app is also indexed by Google. You can get conversions from Google search even your app is on App Store.
  • Keywords: Keywords are important in App Store. You may take care of not repeating words, using single keywords rather than combinations.
  • Screenshots: Before download, many people checks your app's screenshots to have an idea about your app. So you should put impressive screenshots of your app.
  • Video: In my opinion, putting a video is important in App Store, not on Google Play. Why? App Store plays your video automatically even on search results and this can persuade users. On the other hand, Google Play accepts youtube videos and opens full screen horizontal mode. This is annoying for me and users may leave from your app's page without install.
  • App Ratings & Reviews: To get more ratings & reviews is so so important for ASO. To get more review you may kindly ask to your users in right time. We got first order for one of our apps by asking rating from our users.

2- Organic User Acquisition

Organic user acquisition is a low cost way to get new users. In addition, it is effective for long term. Let's list what the tactics you can do.

  • Build a website: You can build your app's website with AppPage in minutes.
  • Use social media: Share your website on social media.
  • Content marketing: You can use power of content marketing.
  • A referral program: Incentive referral program is a good way to acquire new users.

3- Paid Advertising

You can quickly get users to your application with paid ads. But you have to pay attention to some things about paid ads. You should track the users which comes from the ads and optimize your ad campaigns with specific targeting for the people who actually use your app. In the past, conversions could not be tracked properly with CPM (impression) and CPC (click) based ads, now you can run CPI (install) and CPA (Action) based campaigns most of the ad networks. Even there are many ad network companies, these companies are at the top of the list:

  1. Google Ads (old Adwords)
  2. Facebook Ads Manager
  3. Apple Search Ads

1- Google Ads

Google Ads preview on Google Play Store

You can easily create a universal app campaign to get new users. If you have android app it is easy to track app download when you integrate Google Play Console with your advertising account. For android apps, your app will be visible on Google Play Store search. If you have an iOS App, you should add Firebase SDK to your app and connect your firebase account with your Google Ads account.

2- Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is really great to get high volume users. Because your ads are shown on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Audience network. To track installs you should add Facebook SDK to your app.

3- Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads Preview

With Apple Search Ads, you manage your own campaigns. You choose audiences and keywords, and set your own bids and budgets. Your app is shown on App Store search results.

As a result, you should take an action if you wanna get new users for your app. You should build a website, share your website on social media and run paid ad campaigns. You can use to create your website in minutes without any web development.