What is Google Firebase Crashlytics?

Firebase is a product pool for mobile apps developing by Google. You can find services like analytics, push service, crash reporting, hosting, etc. In this article, we take a look at crash reporting service named Crashlytics.

In before, let's check history of Crashlytics. It was founded in 2011, acquired by Twitter in 2013 and then Google acquired it in 2017 from Twitter.

Firebase Crashlytics is a real time crash reporting tool and helps you prioritize and fix your most common crashes based on the effect on real users. You can also easily integrate Crashlytics into your Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps.

Advantages of using Crashlytics

  • When a tester encounters any issues for which he is unable to add evidence. Crashlytics play an important role, developers can easily figure out the problem by checking on the dashboard.
  • The real-time email notifications for crashes, ability to see users affected, and drill-down by release and type of device are all super helpful in tracking down issues and understanding the impact.
  • Users can switch back apps at ease.There are filters for versions and dates so that latest builds can be checked for issues or modified too.

How to integrate to your project

Firebase Crashlytics Dashboard
  1. First start by adding Firebase to your app
  2. Then add the Crashlytics SDK and start collecting reports. You can see how to add SDK documents on here.
  3. Check Firebase console to track and fix issues in your app.