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Create a website for your

Mobile App.

AppPage.net is an easy and free service to have a turnkey website for your mobile application, with supporting app-ads.txt, privacy policy pages, coming soon page and more..

Modern Themes

Modern app landing page templates.


All websites are secured with https.

More Ad Revenue

Increase your revenue with app-ads.txt support.


Your website is multilingual, just choose languages.

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Solving Problems

We do all these for you.

Create only entering your app's store link, you don't need to know coding.

You don't need to pay for app landing page. Just choose one of best themes.

You don't need to buy a domain, choose a subdomain and use it freely.

Create your privacy policy page. It is required by app stores.

If your application contains ads, you need to have /app-ads.txt page. It is required by Admob and other ad networks.

If your app is not published on app stores, you can have a coming soon website with including privacy, and app-ads.txt pages.

Our services

What's Problem!

In past, we developed many mobile apps and for each one we bought an app landing page, paid hosting firm, bought a domain, have an ssl etc. All these were annoying problems. We've simply created AppPage.net to solve all these problems and to give your time and money back. Now having a turnkey website is so easy and cheap.


Have a website for your mobile application, completely free.

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3 Ways for User Acquisition

Find a great app idea and develop an excellent application. Then you publish your new app on App Store excitedly. Even you may dream to be rich with thinking your app downloaded with millions of people.

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What is app-ads.txt?

App-ads.txt is an extension of ads.txt, suitable for advertising in the in-app environment on mobile world. “Ads.txt” stands for authorized digital sellers and is a simple, flexible and secure method that publishers and authorized partners can use to publicly declare that they have approved the company to sell their digital advertising resources.

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Having an App Website

It's no wonder that the mobile app industry is booming, with over 3.6 billion smartphone users worldwide. App use and mobile penetration are continuing to rise steadily...

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