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About Easy Home Finance

Record every income or outcome you made to your mobile application immediately and you will have a useful tool which helps you track of your finances.

Data are stored in the phone safely and you can backup them locally or into your Google Drive.

The application can be used in all countries, because a particular currency is not specified (CZK, EUR, USD, etc.): Enter the number simply and so much "money" will be counted. If you want, you can specify currency in wallet detail.

The proposed interface allows to switch easily between months and it shows the corresponding amount. Besides the basic functions of adding, editing, deleting and replication the record there is also available search in notes, graphical overview of the individual categories, list of categories, wallets (separate accounts), payment types (optional), recurring templates, backup / restore database, export of all data to Excel, app lock creation and simple widget for home screen.

Easy Home Finance is available completely free - no ads and no microtransactions. The application is compatible with Android v4.1 - v10.0 (API 16-29) and graphic uses Material Design.

The application is available in these languages:

- Czech (created by Vojtech Pohl)
- Slovak (translated by Vojtech Pohl)
- English (translated by Vojtech Pohl)
- Polish (translated by Paula Niedziela)
- Portuguese (translated by Gabriel Reis)
- Romanian (translated by Mihai Savin)
- Turkish (translated by Asil Elik)
- German (translated by Lukas Siedenberg)
- Arabic (translated by Azmy Mohamed Azmy, Ghassan Joudeh)
- Russian (translated by Viktor Maliutin, Pavel Pishchynski)
- Hungarian (translated by Bálint Csefalvay)
- Slovenian (translated by Žiga Veber)
- Finnish (translated by Timo Sandberg)
- Italian (translated by Marco Ieni)
- Belarusian (translated by Alena Yalovenko, Pavel Pishchynski)
- French (translated by Alena Yalovenko)
- Ukrainian (translated by Yura Nesteruk)
- Bulgarian (translated by Vladimir Gospodinov A.K.A "Snuffules")
- Dutch (translated by Stephan Paternotte)
- Spanish (translated by José Antonio)
- Serbian (translated by user)
- Malay (translator)
- Indonesian (translator)
- Thai (translator)
- Chinese, traditional (translator)

Language will be set automatically according to the language of your device, but can be changed manually in settings. In case you want to add translation for your country, or you find any discrepancies, please contact me via email.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Easy Home Finance?

Easy Home Finance is a mobile application that helps you track your finances by recording every income and outcome immediately. It is available for free and has no ads or microtransactions.

What features does Easy Home Finance have?

Easy Home Finance has basic functions such as adding, editing, deleting, and replicating records. It also has a search function for notes, graphical overview of individual categories, list of categories, wallets, payment types, recurring templates, backup/restore database, export of all data to Excel, app lock creation, and a simple widget for the home screen.
this is what i really need for money managent
Thịnh Trần
easy to use. Love it
Arnold Lourens
Its a really great app, i usually install all the apps related to my problem and check them one by one until just one is left, for home income/expense logging this app is the one for me
Hunar Omar
Looked at loads of this type of app as wanted something simple to keep track of my accounts and monthly direct debits. This one looked the best and had the best reviews so gave it a try. Cant fault it. Simpl...
Nigel Alderson
bidhi THAPA
Excellent. Please add Credit Cards as well.
Sudhakar Do it Yourself