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About Mastery

In order to become a Master you must practice a skill for 10000 hours.
Mastery tracks how much time you spend on developing your skills. This app allows to gamify your skill development and enhance productivity.

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Tips and tricks
• The main screen of the app contains the activities that you created.
• The Skills menu item allows you to manage skills (create, view, edit, delete).
• The Categories menu item allows you to manage categories (create, view, edit, delete).
• The Trends menu item displays some neat charts.
• The Store menu item allows you to manage products / rewards (create, view, edit, delete).
• The Transactions menu item shows the expense / income coin transactions.
• There is one category created by default: General. You can edit it, and you can add more categories by pressing on the + button when on Categories page.
• Icons for skills, categories, and products are mandatory.
• You can add activity only when you have at least one skill defined.
• Store is for user-defined rewards (see explanation below).

The use of the store is completely optional. The main aim of it, is to allow the user to define some rewards for time spent developing a skill.

• Gaming - you can purchase an hour of gaming using X coins that you got from developing a skill.
• TV Shows- you can purchase an episode of TV Shows using X coins that you got from developing a skill.
The idea is to allow you to define rewards for your time spent developing useful skills.

More icon packs will be added in the future.
More gamification features are going to be added in the future (feel free to suggest them).

The free version allows you to have a maximum of 7 skills at a time, everything else is not restricted.

Great app. Well done developers.
Niceeeee guys. It's indeed one of the best app to deal with the daily tasks. And to shatter yesterday's limits.
Jiledar Singh
Love this app. Very useful and I use it almost everyday to track progress on skills. 2 things needed: backup to cloud (Google Drive, etc). Also, if a timer is running and user returns to the app later to sto...
Jon Salmon