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Photo Editor, Filters & Effects, Presets - Lumii Screenshot 1
Photo Editor, Filters & Effects, Presets - Lumii Screenshot 2
Photo Editor, Filters & Effects, Presets - Lumii Screenshot 3
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About Photo Editor, Filters & Effects, Presets - Lumii

Lumii, as a powerful photo editor pro, values simplicity and practicality the most. Just simple and fast touches, you can create artistic high quality works without any professional skills.

It offers all the advanced photo editor tools and amazing preset photo filters and photo effects to edit photos, enhance images. No matter you are a newbie or pro, Lumii will be your best filters editing app among plenty of similar photo maker and presets apps. Apply perfect filters for pictures and fill your aesthetic needs.

What you can do with Lumii (FREE and All-in-one Photo Editor Pro):

👓Photo Editor with Custom Photo Filters and Photo Effects
✦ Exquisitely designed filters for pictures and photo effects, presets for Instagram, make your photos stand out and bring it to a new level. Best filters for pictures and darkroom photo editor app.
✦ Add custom exclusive photo filters and photo effects, your creativity knows no bounds.
✦ Fine adjustment for photo filters and effects strength.

🎨HSL Color Mode Photo Editor
✦ Easily control Hue, Saturation, Luminance (HSL), support 8 colors channels, intuitive darkroom photo editor app, photo filters and effects presets app.
✦Totally FREE and advanced HSL adjustment photo editor app.

🍭Curves Photo Editor
✦Powerful curves tools, pro level darkroom photo editor app.
✦Advanced adjustment with 4 color options.
✦Free picture editor, photo filters and effects with curves and colors.
✦Undo feature to easily correct photo editing.

☀️Professional Double Exposure Blend Photo Editor
✦Best blend editor tool, create trendy double exposure effects for pictures, easy & powerful blend photo editor app.
✦Lots of blend photo editor templates to choose from, edit your photos to perfection.

📺Glitch Photo Editor
✦ Amazing glitch photo effects to enhance your photos, such as VHS, vaporwave etc. Free and funny glitch photo editor.
✦ Easily adjust photo effects value to fit for different scenes. Fastest glitch photo editor.

Basic Photo Editor Tools
✦Adjust brightness, contrast, highlights, warmth, shadows, sharpness, exposure etc.
Selective options for image enhancement, best image editor and filters for pictures app.
✦Control the strength of all the photo properties.
✦User-friendly photo editing tools for Android. Ultimate darkroom photo editor pro. Photo filters and effects app.

🖼Rotate and Crop Photo Editor
✦Crop photo freely (in multi aspect ratios).
✦Crop photo to adapt for social media ratios. Best presets app for Instagram.
✦Rotate photo to a perfect angle, horizontal, vertical etc.
✦Photo filter editor with ultra-fast rotate and crop tools.

📖Photo Editor Easily Check Edit History
✦Import photos from your gallery according to albums.
✦Photo editing history supported for free.
✦Quickly identify the edited photos in your gallery, photo maker and filter app with multi workspaces.

With all the powerful and distinctive photo maker features above, Lumii helps you become an expert in photo editing (photo filters and effects adjustment), and discover endless fun during the time.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can Lumii do as a photo editor?

Lumii offers advanced photo editor tools, preset photo filters, and photo effects to enhance and edit photos with simplicity and practicality.

Are there custom photo filters and effects available in Lumii?

Yes, Lumii allows you to add custom exclusive photo filters and effects, giving you limitless creativity.

Can Lumii adjust the HSL color mode in photos?

Yes, Lumii has an HSL color mode photo editor that allows you to easily control Hue, Saturation, and Luminance, supporting 8 color channels.

Does Lumii have curves adjustment tools?

Yes, Lumii offers powerful curves tools for advanced editing, with 4 color options for precise adjustments.

Can Lumii create double exposure effects?

Yes, Lumii has a professional double exposure blend photo editor tool that allows you to create trendy double exposure effects easily.

Does Lumii have glitch photo effects?

Yes, Lumii offers amazing glitch photo effects such as VHS and vaporwave, allowing you to enhance your photos with a unique touch.

What basic photo editing tools does Lumii provide?

Lumii provides tools to adjust brightness, contrast, highlights, warmth, shadows, sharpness, exposure, and more, giving you full control over image enhancement.

Can Lumii rotate and crop photos?

Yes, Lumii has a rotate and crop photo editor that allows you to freely crop photos in multi aspect ratios and rotate them to a perfect angle.

Is there an edit history feature in Lumii?

Yes, Lumii supports photo editing history, allowing you to easily track and identify edited photos in your gallery.
Love all the filters
Christopher Bradley
Great app
Aishath Naaimath
Great editor with lots of options
Brindon Hull
Best photo editing app
kish gowda
paulvincent zamora
It was amazing experience with this app . Hope you all also like this app. Thanks for this kind of editing app.
Pradeep Nag