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About Invader

Invader is the first customized strategy game for Arab players in the Middle East with ancient Egyptian style!
Build your city and train your soldiers and pets to challenge and gain superior soldiers and monsters, and then you can defeat your opponents with intelligent strategies and tactics!
Join it now with your friends and conquer the land of ancient Egyptian and establish your kingdom and alliance to fight for glory!
• The first customized strategy game for Arab players with ancient Egyptian style, best strategy game of 2015 in Saudi Arabia.
• The intense PVP and the multivariate PVE systems are the highlight of the game, and the Real-time Combat like Grand Tournament and The Cup of Glory will bring you excellent gaming experience.
• Train your army and fight against your enemies for resources.
• Become the leader of your alliance and conquer the land of ancient Egypt.
• Convenient and user-friendly instant messaging function for chatting and exchanging tactics with friends and other players.
Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team by sending us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns regarding this game.

Nice game
Jony nassar
الناس في الشات ما يعرفون شي اسمه احترام مستحيل يمر يوم بدون سب حتى اني فكرت اعتزل بسببهم اتمنى تتخلصوت من هاذولي الاشخاص عشان اللعبة صارت 18+ بسببهم
나는 본 적이 없다
اكثر لعبه فيها استخفاف وسرقه للاعبين لازم تشحن وتخسر فلوس كثيره لاجل تسيطر القوه للفلوس مو مثل ببجي ثاني شي من حيث الامتاع تفقده تماما اللعبه نظامها قديم بالنسبه للجديد الان حرام كل ريال خسرته فيها لكن اخذت ...
اسماعيل موسي