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About Social Media- Ninja texts, group chat & make money

Social Media (Social) is the next, best messaging app. We mix the best features of all other apps to offer a new tech experience. Make money with group chats. Send incognito texts like a ninja. Blocks screenshots with lock screen (ninja mode). Build your own exclusive Social Network.

馃捀馃捀Do more with Group Chats馃捀馃捀
路 Create group chats around special interests
路 Earn money by collecting a monthly subscription fee from group members and make money!
路 Fans can gain exclusive access to influencers for the group membership fee
路 Revolutionize the way clubs collect dues for your social club

馃懟馃懟Be a Ninja馃懟馃懟
路 Enable "Ninja Mode" to send disappearing messages! ~Spooky~
路 Blocks 馃摳SCREENSHOTS馃摳 & 馃帴SCREEN RECORDING馃帴 of anything sent in Ninja Mode
路 Can be activated for individual and group chats
- The best form of privacy armor

馃憣馃徏馃憣馃徏The Best馃憣馃徏馃憣馃徏
Social brings the best of messaging right to your fingertips:
路 Send Texts
路 Create Media
路 Share content from other platforms like Youtube & Tiktok
路 Record Live Videos
路 Select Stickers

馃攼馃攼Privacy Messenger馃攼馃攼
路 Social is 100% ad-free鈥 that means NO data mining
路 Nothing but encrypted messaging with Military Grade end to end encryption keeps your privacy safe
路 Social's services are more secure than SMS, Whatsapp, and Signal
路 High-speed, trustworthy, and completely private
- Secure Messaging done right

路 Social has you SYNCED: You can access all your conversations from any of your devices
路 Start typing on your phone and finish the message from your tablet or laptop
路 Never lose your data again鈥 your privacy belongs to you

路 Privacy is our priority
路 We will never give third parties access to your data
路 We do not collect your personal data

To set up an account, you must have a valid phone number. Once you have signed up, you can add a secondary email address for verification purposes.

We honor your privacy and will never sell your data to anyone 鈥 period.

Say goodbye to SMS, sending a gram, snapping someone, or even tweeting! The future of Social Networking is here, and it's Social.

TOMBSTONING IS HILARIOUS!!!! Going to finally tell my conspiracy sharing uncle to suck on a Tombstone!
Khoniker Musafir
Thank God a new text app is here! Social is very promising! The fact I can FINALLY leave WhatsApp is a God Send! BYE BYE FACEBOOK!
Knowledge Pack
You can literally make money by creating group chats! This totally compliments the online courses I am starting to offer on TikTok!
gutta mukesh