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About Forex Trading Game & Stock Market Simulator

The ultimate app if you want to learn forex trading.

📚 Save loads of time as we have distilled dozens of forex & investing books into bite-sized bits of valuable tips & tricks.
💵 Learn the secrets of how the pros predict currency and stock markets.
🚫 100% free and without annoying Ads or sign-ups.

If you think your average economics teacher would be a successful trader in the financial markets, think again.

According to Stanford University researchers Barberis and Huang, he most probably wouldn’t.

Even the smartest finance bookworms make mistakes when using traditional theory models.

We dislike fluff and non-working theory so we developed the Forex Hero app that is quite different from all other trading education materials out there.

We value the time of our users and we hate boring and ineffective stuff. So we have gone through dozens of forex books, articles, and currency trading webinars, so you don’t have to spend a minute on things that are not effective.

Forex Hero contains the distilled tools, pro tips, and insider strategies you won’t find anywhere else.

Here are some of the awesome features of Forex Hero:

🔥 Uncover the one rule that many businessmen fail to capitalize on.

• Learn the principles & secrets of forex trading.
• Beautifully illustrated & easy to read.
• Suited also for forex beginners & dummies.

🔥 Unlock the best and the worst times for trading so you can get the biggest bang for your buck!

• See forex market trading hours at a glance for London, New York, Sydney & Tokyo.
• Check at what time does the forex market open and close in the major trading sessions.
• Unlike other tools - you don’t have to worry about calculating your time zone relative to EST etc.
• Also, you don’t have to worry about daylight saving times - it’s all built in.

🔥 See how Pro traders predict forex and stock market movements by scanning the news headlines.

• Learn the fundamental strategies with this epic trading simulator game.
• More than 100 real-world situations with actionable analysis.

🔥Test your skills with this fun trivia game!

• Deepen your knowledge with the explanations.
• Earn game money with every correct answer.

What makes this application different is its relentless focus on actionable details - especially in the interactive case studies of the Trend Predictor, which is the favorite section of our users.

Most forex and stock trading learning materials simply present dry theoretical facts like “currency prices are influenced by interest rates, consumer confidence, the current account on balance of payments and economic growth.” Does this information seem valuable and actionable to you? Or would you rather learn specific correlations that have been used and proven by traders? A few examples:

▶ When the price of gold rises, so does AUD against USD.
▶ If the oil prices go down, so does CAD against JPY.
▶ If the weather forecast predicts high temperatures in Russia, then the wheat price goes up.

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We’d love to hear from you. Contact us on Facebook and tell us what we can do to make and keep Forex Hero the best forex trading app!

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Original and best teachers of forex
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For beginners it is understandable
konke Ngubane
Good app the best app to start with
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