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About MyWallSt: Invest in our Shortlist of Great Stocks

MyWallSt makes it easy to invest with confidence and buy stocks that regularly outperform the market.

Market Downturns Can Lead to Great Profits.

We can help you build a portfolio of high-growth stocks primed to outlive any downturn. Start now before this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy low is gone.

By hand-picking the top 1% of stocks on the market and pairing them with unparalleled investment insights and stock research, it’s never been easier to invest in stocks poised to grow for the long-term.

With over 7,000 companies on the U.S. stock market, building an investment portfolio can feel overwhelming. But with MyWallSt, you’ll get the tools, guidance, and analysis you need to make intelligent investing decisions with the tap of a finger.

The MyWallSt investment app is backed by a team of renowned investing experts and stock market thought leaders who use the same long-term investing philosophy handed down by history’s greatest stock investors. These experts then handpick the top 1% of U.S. listed companies to feature in the MyWallSt app as investing guidance.

MyWallSt Features:


- Daily, exclusive investment news, research and updates from our team of stock analysts.

- Transparent, timely insights and opinions on each stock we feature to help you discover the key attributes that make it a great investment.

- Build a stock Watchlist of companies you’re interested in and track their growth in real-time.


- Invest in the stock market without leaving the MyWallSt app by creating a brokerage account with our trusted, integrated partner, Drivewealth.

- Buy any stock with as little as $10 using fractional investing.

- Use our stock tracker and portfolio breakdown feature to build a perfectly diversified portfolio to weather any stock market conditions.


- Our investment app replaces investing’s traditional paperwork, middlemen and confusing jargon with a clear, streamlined path to successful long-term investing.

- No risky trade strategies so you won’t need to monitor your stock portfolio day in and day out. Set it, forget it and watch your investments grow.


- MyWallSt’s stock research and insights come from world-renowned investor and our CEO, Emmet Savage.

- Emmet’s personal investing track record has been independently audited by KPMG. Over the past 10 years, his average annual return is 30.08%. Over the past twenty years, his personal stock picks have beaten the market nearly four-to-one every single year.

- MyWallSt is Emmet’s way of sharing his passion for investing with anyone who wants to create long-term, generational wealth through the stock market.

Register with us to start your free trial and get started investing with MyWallSt’s unmatched guidance and expertise in your corner.

Download MyWallSt today!

For more information please visit

Subscriptions to MyWallSt start at $16.49.
You won't be charged if you cancel before your free trial ends.

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Great app. It tells you everything you need to know before you begin investing.
Adam Huss
Small T
Ashley Mann
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Lmao Lmfao
So easy to learn and setup your account very pleased this is how I started my investment journey has taken the anxiety out of investing with the access to all the essential information highly recommend this ...
jason stargel
The best!
Daniel Ciuraru