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About Alzheimer's 40Hz Gamma Light & Sound Therapy

AlzLife delivers a combination of 40Hz light therapy, 40Hz sound therapy, and cognitive exercises in a single, easy-to-use, convenient package.


• Use 40Hz light therapy alone or combine with 40Hz sound and brain games
• You favorite cognitive games designed for people with low computer skills: Sudoku, Tic-Tac-Toe, Clocks, from very easy to challenging
• A personalized Life Coach that includes Guided Meditations, Exercises, Daily Planner, and more

New research suggests that light and sound delivered at a certain frequency —40 flashes or clicks per second — appear to restart the natural 40Hz gamma rhythm of the brain, improve the brain functions and diminish toxic levels of Alzheimer’s-related proteins.

Separately, research has also shown that cognitive exercises could have a major effect on improving memory. The synergistic combination of light, sound and cognitive therapy utilized in AlzLife has the potential to improve the brain’s function better than either of these therapies alone.


AlzLife delivers a combination of 40Hz light therapy, 40Hz sound therapy, cognitive exercises, and a personalized Life Coach in a single, easy-to-use, convenient package.


The most recent research about light therapy for Alzheimer’s disease appeared in the journal Cell in 2019, entitled “Multi-sensory Gamma Stimulation Ameliorates Alzheimer’s-Associated Pathology and Improves Cognition.” Researchers from MIT found that when mice engineered to exhibit Alzheimer’s-like qualities were exposed to flickering lights and 40Hz sounds for one hour a day, their brain functions improved and toxic levels of Alzheimer’s-related proteins diminished. In addition, the 40Hz sound appeared to improve cognitive and memory skills.


We recommend using your AlzLife app for one hour a day. The MIT research shows significant improvement after only one hour of light and sound exposure. If the 40Hz gamma frequency flicker is too bothersome, start using the app with the light therapy settings set to a minimum. Most people will get used to the flicker over several sessions. If you stop noticing the flicker, you may want to increase the intensity within the app’s Light Setting. The best recommendation for any therapy is to use it in moderation and make adjustments based on how you feel.

The game portion of the therapy was specifically designed for memory and cognitive improvement. Start the cognitive therapy with games you are familiar with, then continue with as many games as possible. We recommend starting at an easy level and slowly increasing the game difficulty to a level that is challenging but not uncomfortable.


The light therapy function of AlzLife requires the refresh rate of your device’s screen to be 120Hz or 80Hz. Only on these devices AlzLife will generate 40Hz light stimulation. Note that on some devices, you need to manually increase the screen refresh rate in Android Settings.

Devices with the refresh rate of 60Hz can generate the maximum of 30Hz light stimulation (30Hz flickering is slower than 40Hz flickering). Light frequencies other than 40Hz have not been shown to produce the same therapeutic effect.

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